1,500 Classified JFK Assassination Files Released to the Public

Close to 1,500 classified documents from President John F. Kennedy’s assassination have just been released to the general public by the National Archives.

Previously, Biden delayed their release, due to security concerns, but now, they are all out in the open. A lot of the information within the newly released files is heavily redacted.

However, during 2022, the National Archives will be working on redacting the classified information in the newly released JFK assassination files.

Many people aren’t so happy with the documents being released because they believe more should be released.

There are currently five million classified documents being held about JFK that are not allowed to be read by the general public. This is due to “security concerns,” so the 1,500 that are being released are just a drop in the bucket.

Details Within the Documents

The biggest finding within the document states that Lee Harvey Oswald met a Soviet Union assassin just two months before Kennedy was killed.

Oswald also called the Soviet Embassy in Mexico and spoke to another member of the KGB. Also contained within the newly released documents was a “prank call” to the US Navy by an Australian man.

This man claimed JFK was going to be assassinated; then, one year later, JFK was killed. The CIA however concluded it was just a prank call.

Furthermore contained within the documents was an investigation by the CIA of Fidel Castro, which concluded Cuba had no involvement with JFK’s assassination.

Is the CIA Just Blaming Russia for Their Actions?

Since JFK’s assassination, Americans have never been satisfied with the Warren Commission’s findings, considering they were led by the CIA and the FBI.

The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. Yet, many believe the CIA planned the assassinations, due to the fact JFK turned down the Department of Defense’s plot to launch Operation Northwoods.

Operation Northwoods aimed to use the CIA and the military to orchestrate false flag events and terror attacks and blame them on Cuba to launch a war. There are many different theories behind the JFK assassination.

The grassy knoll theory claims witnesses were able to hear multiple gunshots coming from the grass knoll close to Kennedy’s direction. Another theory, called the magic bullet theory, claims it’s impossible for one bullet to enter Kennedy’s body and then Gov. Connally’s body without even being deformed at all.

Another bizarre fact is that all ten witnesses who were up close and personal with Lee Harvey Oswald mysteriously died or were killed after Kennedy’s assassination.

It’s been 58 years since Kennedy was assassinated; yet, the US government just now releases documents on his death. Many believe the newly released documents are bogus and just a government cover-up.

They could be right, considering 58 years is a large amount of time to falsify a story.