2024 GOP Bidder Makes Woke CNN Anchor Lose It

Woke CNN anchor Don Lemon lost it on live TV. He viciously tried to silence 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

This happened during an interview about the latter’s recent accusations that Democrats want to put black Americans “back in chains” as they attempted after the Civil War.

Lemon Rises as Defender of Woke Civil War Version

Vivek Ramaswamy, an anti-woke businessman, commentator, and author, is running for the 2024 GOP nomination. While pundits agree the candidacy of Ramaswamy, who polls at about 1%, is a long shot, the entrepreneur has been quite vocal in his campaigning.

Ramaswamy was invited on CNN to discuss his recent speech at an NRA conference, in which he declared the Democrats would like to put black people in chains once again.

As one of the anchors, Poppy Harlow, asked the GOP runner about his comments, her colleague Don Lemon weighed in to try to take over the conversation.

Lemon declared the Civil War wasn’t fought so that black people could get guns, as cited by The Daily Caller. Ramaswamy countered by stating the war was actually fought so black Americans would have freedom in the US.

He was quickly interrupted by Lemon insisting on his own, prompting Ramaswamy to declare black people didn’t really begin to enjoy freedoms in America until their rights under the Second Amendment were guaranteed.

Playing the ‘Insulted’ Card

The CNN anchor interjected immediately by insisting black people in the US “still aren’t allowed to enjoy” their freedoms. Ramaswamy disagreed and accused Lemon of “doing a disservice” to the nation by claiming that there was no equality in the United States.

At that point, Lemon played the “skin” card, declaring that Ramaswamy, who is of Indian origin, could disagree with him only after living in America “in black skin.”

Further down the three-minute back and forth, in which Lemon seemed increasingly agitated and infuriated, the CNN anchor accused Ramaswamy of insulting black people by saying the Civil War was fought over them.

The CNN host became so outraged that he cut off Ramaswamy, saying he had no right to be “’splaining” to him what it was like being black in America.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.