$3 Million Deals Hunter Biden Made with a Chinese Company Finally Uncovered!

To no one’s surprise, after dozens of inquiries into their business endeavors, some suspicious activity has bubbled up once again. The Bidens may not be able to cover this one up, at least not fast enough.

As it turns out, Oversight Chairman James Comer acquired reports on the Biden family’s accounts, one of which detailed a $3 million wire transfer to a company owned by one of Hunter’s associates.

This was followed by thousands being deposited in the family’s accounts.

The Bidens’ bank records are finally in full view

Comer assured that the Oversight Committee will do everything in its power to follow the money trail, which will help them deduce whether President Biden was compromised or not.

However, we’ve had similar events in the past. Biden’s managed to slip away every time, despite being caught red-handed.

The payment in question was directed to John Walker’s company, which he claims made a joint venture deal with certain CEFC China executives, CEFC being a currently bankrupt conglomerate in China.

We may have even gotten this information earlier, had the Treasury Department not been delaying it for the past two months, probably as per the instructions from Biden himself, who knew what was coming.

If the transfer itself wasn’t suspicious enough, its timing definitely was. It happened barely a month after Biden abandoned his seat as vice president and even more so, considering the fact it wasn’t long until thousands of dollars were paid out to numerous members of Biden’s family.

What’s Joe hiding?

In fact, Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen wouldn’t have even surrendered the data, had Comer not threatened to call for a hearing on the matter accompanied by a transcribed interview with Walker.

What’s even worse is Congress had no issue accessing these bank reports for years on end, but the moment Biden stepped into office, he made sure to restrict the ability to perform oversight on his financial activities.

Despite the immense amounts of criticism he’d received, as well as the accusations of intrusion, Comer pressed on.

He argued the bank documents are crucial to uncovering the extent of the Bidens’ business schemes. Should we find that Joe himself has been compromised, we could be facing a major national security threat.

There’s little to be done about the Treasury Department’s very obvious bias towards Biden and his business schemes. Even though Comer had originally written to Yellen on January 11th, it took almost two months for him to get a reply.

The department is clearly unwilling to cooperate on this matter. That only makes Biden look worse, as it’s becoming much more certain that he’s trying to hide something or buying time to hide it.

Regardless of his true intentions, Biden and his family are definitely mixed up in some shady business. Even though the majority of it has something to do with the prodigal son Hunter, it can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked.