Navy Seals Look to Oust Pelosi

In an unprecedented move, six former Navy Seals have all decided to run for Congress with one goal in mind.

That goal is to dethrone Nancy Pelosi from being the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The six Navy Seals who are looking to oust Pelosi are Ryan Zinke of Montana, Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin, Brady Duke of Florida, Elaine Crane of Arizona, Morgan Luttrell of Texas, and Ed Thelander of Maine.

Together, the six former Navy Seals have formed a PAC, called the Seal PAC. They have even run ads on Fox News to promote their campaign.

Take a look:

More Details Concerning the Seal PAC

The Seal PAC’s chair is former Navy Seal Ryan Zinke; he is now running for Montana’s new House seat that has been added to the state after the 2020 census.

Zinke previously served as a representative of Montana’s congressional district and would go on to be Trump’s Secretary of Interior.

Currently, a record number of House Democrats are not seeking re-election because they’re either retiring or seeking other positions within the federal government.

The total number of Democrats not seeking re-election is 28. This has many political analysts believing a red wave could come to the House, during the 2022 midterm elections.

As of right now, a Gallup poll has Republicans up five points when it comes to how many Americans identify more with the GOP than the Democrat Party.

Pelosi Could Retire Soon

Several rumors over the last year and a half are suggesting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to retire in the very near future.

These rumors are not based in pure speculation, but rather two factors are causing all of the ‘Pelosi will retire’ chatter.

Pelosi is 81 years old and has been serving in Congress for over 33 years, which is a staggering number.

Pelosi has mostly been able to keep up with her younger colleagues, but in the last two years, there has been a noticeably slower pace from the representative of California.

Her age is not the only sign, but also the large number of staffers who have resigned and found jobs as advisors for other lawmakers.

One of Pelosi’s most important staffers, executive director Jorge Aguilar, who is in charge of Pelosi’s re-election campaign, was her last staffer to resign.

This raises more speculation that Pelosi will throw in the towel as a lifelong politician.

Pelosi has traditionally had a very low staffer turnover rate. However, in recent years, she’s had one of the highest staffer turnover rates in Congres.

The mass exodus of staffers is a major sign Pelosi is close to the finish line.

If Republicans are able to snag a House majority, then that will make Pelosi’s retirement come sooner.