Epstein Associate Charged with Raping Minor Found Dead by Suicide

Was this a suicide or was Jean Luc Brunel taken out before he exposed other elites?

ABC News has discovered that former modeling agency and Jeffrey Epstein partner Jean Luc Brunel committed suicide in his Paris jail cell on Saturday evening, according to sources.

Brunel was discovered dead in his jail cell at La Sante Prison at 1 a.m. local time, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, which verified to ABC News he died in his prison cell.

According to Jean Luc Brunel’s attorneys, he committed suicide by hanging himself.

The prosecutor’s office refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding Brunel’s death. Brunel was charged with the rape of kids over the age of 15 and sexual harassment in December 2020, all of which are punishable by law in France.

Ghislaine Maxwell is seeking a second trial, claiming that the jury was incompetent.

Brunei’s Attorney Speaks

Brunel’s attorneys issued a statement, saying his life was ruined by a “court’s lynching.”

“We should call into question his actions in this matter. Our client was certain about the fact he never mistreated any woman. He made several attempts to demonstrate his point.”

“His choice was not influenced by a sense of guilt, but rather by a strong sense of injustice,” Brunel’s lawyers Mathias Chichportich, Marianne Abgrall, and Christophe Ingrain said further.

Brunel’s death was verified by Erwan Saoudi, a representative for all of France’s Correctional facilities, who also confirmed his death.

A jail guard conducts five checks on inmates every night, according to Saoudi, who explained the routine at the prison.

Although there wasn’t any television in Brunel’s cell, Saoudi claims surveillance film taken in the prison passageways demonstrates prison guards did not overlook any of these inspections.

Saoudi said Brunel committed suicide shortly after the guard round [of checks], demonstrating the intense desire of Jean-Luc Brunel to end his life. Saoudi went on to say Brunel was not on suicide watch at the time.

More Details

Brunel was first apprehended at Charles De Gaulle International Airport in December 2020.

Prosecutors in Paris claim Brunel was first detained as part of an investigation into the rape of kids and the trafficking of adolescents for sexual exploitation conducted in conjunction with their investigation into suspected offenses committed by Epstein.

Brunel was arrested and charged with the rape of juveniles above the age of 15 and sexual assault a few days later. Brunel claimed he was not guilty.

Virginia Giuffre traveled to Paris in January 2021 to give evidence in a closed-door hearing on Brunel’s imprisonment.

Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, according to Giuffre, were responsible for her trafficking to Brunel. She said this happened in the very same suit filed in 2014 in which she originally accused Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her.