A Clinton vs. Trump Showdown Could Happen Again

A Trump vs. Clinton showdown could occur again in 2024, according to several political analysts.
Since being relatively quiet for the first several months after Biden was elected, Hillary Clinton is back in the limelight. Many believe it’s because she believes she has a better chance to be elected as president in 2024 than Biden does.
A Washington Examiner report speculated Hillary Clinton could run on behalf of the Democrats in 2024, instead of Biden. The rumor has been released after several polls show only 22% of Americans want Biden to seek re-election.
Democrats wouldn’t be reportedly happy if Kamala Harris were to run either; a USA Today poll revealed only 28% of Americans are happy with her job in office so far.

More Details on Why Hillary Could Replace Biden

The first reason why Democrats would choose Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden is that she’s 74, whereas Biden is 79 years old. He will be 82 by the time the next presidential campaign comes around.

That’s not the only reason why many speculate she will run; the main reason is because her rhetoric shows she can’t stand the fact that she lost to Trump.

In the last several months, Hillary has come out of hiding and seized the opportunity to trash Trump in every interview she has.

In her most recent interview, she said, ‘we must prevent Trump from taking office in 2024 at all costs.’ By all costs, Clinton means to set Biden aside because he is a liability and put her in the driver’s seat instead.

Clinton also read off her 2016 “victory speech” which read, “mom I did it; your daughter became the first female president of the United States.”

Kamala Harris was set to take the throne in 2024, but after a slew of her staffers decided to call it quits, it is suspected her staffers will put out book deals that tarnish the vice president’s reputation in the next year or so.

The GOP Has Made It Clear Who Their Candidate Is

Unlike the Democrat Party, the GOP has made it clear Trump is their guy going into 2024; although, many RINOs have other plans for who they want to be the GOP presidential candidate.

The main problem Trump needs to solve is who is he running with.

Trump went with Mike Pence in 2016, but many people believe to excite voters, he needs to get a blockbuster name to be by his side this time. To be honest, instead of choosing a lifelong politician, Trump should upset the apple cart and think outside the box.

Some VP names that have been thrown around are Gov. Ron DeSantis (who probably won’t leave Florida until it’s his time to run for the presidency in 2028), Candace Owens, and even General Flynn.