A Rash Of Attacks Against White People. None Are Called Hate Crimes. | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 510


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, there has been a slew of assaults against white people recently. The media doesn’t care and the crimes aren’t being charged as hate crimes. Why not? We’ll discuss today. Also Five Headlines including NASCAR coming out fully in support of the black driver who says someone left a noose in his garage. But there are several strange aspects to this story. Is it a hoax? We’ll talk about it. And finally in today’s cancellation, I’m cancelling the Karen meme.

00:00 – Opening
00:45 – A Rash Of Attacks Against White People. None Are Being Charged As Hate Crimes
15:23 – NASCAR shows support for Bubba Wallace
20:46 – Shaun King calls for religious statues to be torn down
22:23 – Andrew Cuomo on removing statues
26:16 – Senator suggests paying for families to take vacations
27:22 – Here’s a giant squid
28:45 – “Karen” is cancelled

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