Aaron Rodgers Forced to Have Zoom Press Conferences After Refusing to Wear Mask

NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers will no longer be allowed to speak at press conferences in person after he refused to put on a face covering. The NFL states all unvaccinated NFL players must wear masks during press conferences.

So, to avoid large fines, Rodgers has opted to conduct all press through Zoom.

The New York Post stated Rodgers has broken the NFL’s protocol regarding wearing masks during press conferences all year. However, it wasn’t until Rodgers publicly stated he’s not vaccinated that the NFL decided to act on punishing him.

The NFL currently makes all unvaccinated players wear masks in teams’ facilities and at press conferences. Unvaccinated players also have to wear yellow wristbands and are not allowed to work out in the weight room with vaccinated players.

The restrictions don’t end there, though; unvaccinated players likewise are not allowed outside of their hotels during away games.

Last week, in an interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers blasted the ‘woke mobs” stance on COVID-19 vaccines. In the interview, Rodgers went on to say the reason why he didn’t get vaccinated is he’s allergic to an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

He then stated he didn’t take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it has caused blood clots in some people.

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Rodgers took the field yesterday for the first time after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Rodgers led the Packers to a 17-0 win over the Seattle Seahawks; this shows the superstar quarterback must’ve had good treatment.

Last week on McAfee’s show, Rodgers stated he exercised his good friend Joe Rogan’s advice and took ivermectin, vitamin C, and zinc, along with other remedies. Immediately after the mainstream media found out Rodgers took ivermectin, they absolutely went full force into a smear campaign.

Rodgers Isn’t the Only Person to Get Smacked Down This Week for Taking Ivermectin

Joe Rogan, who has one of the largest podcasts in the world, is the one who made ivermectin go mainstream. Before Rogan mentioned it, doctors would quietly give their patients ivermectin to help patients fight off COVID.

However, since Rogan told the world he took ivermectin, doctors have been shamed for prescribing their patients “horse pills.” SNL recently made an unfunny skit about Rogan, too. The skit featured Rogan, Big Bird, and Ted Cruz.

In the skit, SNL’s Pete Davidson was playing the part of Joe Rogan and attempting to help Big Bird get over his case of COVID. Davidson, acting as Rogan, told Big Bird to take horse dewormer and zinc, to which Big Bird asked why a bird would take horse dewormer.

To this, Davidson replied, “I took horse de-wormer and I’m a human.” The skit was more than likely paid for by big pharma companies who would hate to lose revenue to a drug like ivermectin.