Actor Alec Baldwin Reportedly Kills Director with Stage Gun

Actor Alec Baldwin, while on the set of his upcoming movie “Rust,” discharged a prop gun. This ultimately ended up killing director of photography Halyna Hitchens and injuring director Joel Souza.

According to investigators, Baldwin was filming a scene that involved a prop firearm when the accident occurred.

The New York Post reported the movie was being filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the incident occurred at around 1:50 p.m., according to local police on the scene.

It’s unclear how the prop gun was able to cause such fatalities, but more details are set to be released. Photographers were able to capture a photo of Baldwin outside of the Santa Fe County Sherriff’s Office, where he’s bending down in complete distraught over the incident.

Alec Baldwin Has History of Supporting Gun Control

More than once, Alec Baldwin has spoken out publicly about his support of gun control. According to Breitbart News, he even tweeted out recently that America should ‘rethink the Second Amendment’.

Baldwin went on to complain about the Second Amendment and how too many guns are being purchased through it. Baldwin has also been a big hater of President Trump; he was on SNL several times, mocking the 45th president.

Usually, people who perform impressions do it in a joking manner; Baldwin’s impression of Trump was done in a malicious manner. He even bashed Trump while off the set of SNL several times. Maybe liberals will now decided to ban prop firearms because they appear to be dangerous, like real guns.

Baldwin Bashed Police Officer for Fatally Shooting a Suspect

In an earlier post captioned “I wonder how it feels to kill somebody,” Baldwin tweeted a link to an LA Times article which reported how an officer outside of a 7/11 in Huntington Beach shot a suspect.

It appears Baldwin was doing what many liberals do; that’s demonize the police without actually reading any facts behind the shooting. Judge not less you be judged, right?

A recent tip by a Hollywood insider overheard Baldwin saying he was handed a ‘hot gun’ which means a real gun on set. Baldwin went on to say he has never been handed a hot gun ever on set and this was the first time.

It’s sad a young woman lost her life due to Baldwin’s mishaps, but police should at least give the family justice and investigate on Baldwin’s wellbeing. In times past, Baldwin’s had anger problems, coupled with a drinking problem. It’s unclear if either of these two issues were in play when the shooting took place.

It’s unknown if the movie will ever continue. To be honest, they should shut the whole operation down. Yet, in reality, Hollywood people are so greedy they’ll keep filming and just put a “in remembrance of” before the start or end of the movie.