Alec Baldwin Calls for Police to be on Movie Sets

Actor Alec Baldwin, who has previously and strongly supported the defund police movement, is now calling for police officers to be in charge of the armory on movie sets.

Baldwin’s comments come weeks after he shot and killed photographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

In a new Instagram post, Baldwin proclaimed that every movie set should have a police officer monitoring weapons being used.

Baldwin’s comment seems hypocritical, due to the fact he has railed against police officers on Twitter and supported Democrat candidates who back the defund police movement.

Baldwin’s Past Tweets Brought Out of the Shadows

In 2017, Baldwin sent out a negative tweet about Huntington police officer Eric Esparza, who was caught on video shooting Dillan Tabares. Baldwin tweeted, ‘how does it feel to kill an innocent person?’

Although Baldwin portrayed Esparza as a killer, the Orange County District Office stated the officer was justified in the shooting.

It appears that Baldwin is reaping what he sowed, unfortunately; Baldwin was completely silent when Antifa was burning down police precincts in Portland, Seattle, and other Democrat-run cities.

However, when the chips are against him, all of a sudden, he’s a big fan of the police.

Former NBA superstar and now an announcer for TNT Charles Barkley said it best: Democrats want to defund “our” neighborhoods, while in their neighborhoods, they have private security.

Barkley is right. Lori Lightfoot has been a strong advocate of defunding the police, as the mayor of Chicago. However, a recent campaign filing showed Chicago paid $17.3 million dollars on private security for public officials in the city.

The left keeps trying to sell the average person that life without police will be so rosy, but in reality, it would be complete chaos.

Bizarre Connection Between the Rust Shooting and Durham

ReutersΒ reported the husband of murdered photographer Halyna Hutchins is a lawyer for the law firm Latham & Watkins, located in Los Angeles. Matt Hutchinson started working with the firm this year.

Latham & Watkins is currently representing Michael Sussman, who has been indicted under the Durham probe. Sussman is a Clinton-connected attorney and could be facing jail time for allegedly lying under oath during the “Russian witch hunt.”

This witch hunt aimed to falsely accuse the Trump campaign of collaborating with Russia to fix the 2016 presidential election. It hasn’t been reported if Hutchinson himself is involved in Sussman’s case.

Baldwin himself has a solid connection with the Clintons too. He met up with Hillary several times and Hillary most recently praised the actor for his impersonations of Donald Trump.

SNL has since moved away from Baldwin and is now using a new Trump impersonator. Who knows how deeply this complicated web could possibly run?