Alec Baldwin’s Name is in Epstein’s Little Black Book

A new report from journalist Jack Posobiec shows Alec Baldwin’s name was in Jeffery Epstein’s infamous little black book.

Epstein’s little black book was a book Epstein had in his possession with names of politicians, celebrities, scientists, engineers, religious figures, and just about anybody who had major influence.

Inside of Epstein’s little black book was names and contact information for people who had either friendships or business partnerships with him. Actor Alec Baldwin’s name was clearly in the little black book.

This has many people wondering how close Baldwin was with Epstein. You don’t have to look too far to find Baldwin’s name in the book either, because he’s on page 4.

Other Notable Names Found Inside of the Book

Also included in Epstein’s little back book were the name of the Kennedys, Chris and Andrew Cuomo, and former mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg.

Epstein also had President Trump and his wife’s contact address, but it’s already well known Epstein would take trips to Mar-a-Lago. Trump cut off all ties with Epstein after Epstein was found guilty of pedophilia.

One of the most bizarre names on the list was rock singer Courtney Love (widow of famous grunge star Kurt Cobain). Apparently, Courtney Love was in Epstein’s little black book and it’s believed that one night, Epstein sent Prince Andrew to her house without her knowledge first.

Epstein and Prince Andrew hung out on numerous occasions. Right now, Prince Andrew is facing a civil suit for allegedly sexually abusing a teen close to twenty years ago.

Epstein didn’t just have rockstars and actors in his book either, but he also had the Rothchilds, the Koch brothers, and even designer Tom Ford in his book.

Things Just Keep Getting Worse for Baldwin

Baldwin recently deleted his Twitter account after completely botching his ABC News interview.

In the interview, Baldwin claimed he never pulled the trigger, but that’s a fat lie because the gun didn’t fire by itself. Baldwin also confidently said he will not be criminally charged for the incident that left a director injured and photographer Halyna Hutchins dead.

Does Baldwin really think Americans don’t know how guns work? If Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger, who did? Was it a ghost who pulled the trigger?

The fact that Baldwin can go on live television and lie without receiving major backlash from the left (who is defending him) is about as crazy as it gets.

We all understand mistakes happen, but Baldwin isn’t even facing the music that he pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, everyone on set said Baldwin pulled the trigger, so why is he saying he didn’t do it?

Baldwin’s credibility has never been good and his latest stunt degrades his reputation even more.