Alex Jones Sues January 6 Committee

Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, has just filed a lawsuit against the controversial January 6 Committee. Furthermore, Jones will not comply with the January 6 Committee’s commands ordering him to testify before Congress.

According to Insider Paper, Jones was subpoenaed to show up before the January 6 Committee on Monday, January 10.

In the lawsuit, Jones claims he has the 1st and 5th Amendment rights to not speak before Congress to avoid incriminating himself.

However, if this lawsuit doesn’t stand, then Jones could see himself indicted for contempt of Congress. Previously, Steve Bannon refused to show up before Congress and speak.

In return, he was indicted for contempt of Congress and will now have a criminal trial starting July 18.

More on the Jones and Bannon Subpoenas

In November, the January 6 Committee issued subpoenas for Alex Jones to testify and also hand over any kind of communication he had with President Trump in the weeks leading up to January 6.

Jones did absolutely nothing wrong on January 6. Furthermore, at some points during the Stop the Steal Rally, Trump even explained that Alex Jones warned people to stay peaceful.

Several videos of Jones at the Capitol on January 6 show him yelling in a bullhorn not to fall for any agent provocateur’s tricks.

He even specifically stated he didn’t want any Kent State accidents to occur. This was a reference to when an armed National Guard member gunned down an anti-Vietnam protestor on Kent State’s campus.

Watch Jones warning the people right here:

That doesn’t look like someone who is inciting an insurrection, does it?

Jones is smart not to speak before Congress because they will find any way to try and manipulate his words. It is just like they did to Trump when he said the words “let’s fight,” which led to his second impeachment.

Americans are Sick of Hearing About January 6th

CNN, the network that has been peddling non-stop coverage of the January hearings, has seen their lowest ratings in years, after covering January 6 committee hearings.

The left, and RINOs on the right, have labeled the January 6th riot as an insurrection, but to this date, not one person has been charged with insurrection.

There were also no reported deaths that came as a result of the protestors entering into the Capitol building, but rather, only one person was killed and that was Ashli Babbit, who was a Trump supporter.

A police officer did die; however, he passed away from a stroke, not from suicide. Initially, Capitol officer Brian Sicknick’s death was labeled as a murder by a Trump supporter hitting him with a fire hydrant.

However, as usual, the corporate media was wrong and his autopsy revealed he dies from suffering a stroke.