Alleged Antifa Member Arrested for Bringing Bomb to Conservative Rally

While the January 6th committee has done hours of research on Trump supporters who breached the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, they’ve completely ignored the real terrorist organization called Antifa.

An alleged member of the terrorist organization Antifa was arrested in Florida on January 6th for having a bomb.

Garrett Smith was reportedly wearing a black bloc (Antifa’s signature uniform) and acting very strange outside of a conservative rally near the Pinellas County Courthouse.

Garrett, 22, caught local police officers’ attention when he started to run away from the rally in a suspicious manner. Police then started to pursue Garrett; they were able to detain him and later arrested him for having an explosive device in his possession.

More Details on the Story

After police arrested Garrett Smith, they searched his parent’s home, where they found a checklist and more explosives devices.

According to the Post Millennial, investigators were able to find supplies like nails (used for homemade grenades) explosive tape, and writings that had Antifa symbolism on them.

One of the helmets found at the home also had an Antifa symbol on the front of it. A police report revealed the conservative rally Smith attended was a rally to garner support for a veteran who was sent to prison for entering the Capitol on January 6th.

As of right now, Smith is in jail on $300,000 bail, which is surprising because if he was arrested in Seattle or Portland, he would be out today.

Antifa are the Real Terrorists, Not Trump Supporters

The January 6th committee has spent countless time and resources to get to the bottom of the riot at the Capitol; however, they have not spent any time finding out who put the pipe bombs outside the DNC headquarters.

This is interesting because if they did find out who put the pipe bombs there, more than likely, they’ll find out it was a federal agent.

All throughout 2020, Democrats had no care that Democrat-controlled cities were being lit on fire and looted almost every day. The city of Seattle, at one point in time, even had an autonomous zone called Chaz.

Antifa actually went outside of the White House and started fires! Just imagine if Trump supporters were to do so; they would be serving heavy sentences in federal prison.

The mood leading up to the election was never, ‘what will Trump supporters do if he doesn’t win,’ but rather, the worry was ‘what will Antifa do to America if Trump gets a second term?’

Now that Biden is president, Antifa has held back their presence to appear as though Biden is handling the country well. This goes to show Antifa is taking orders from someone either at the Pentagon or in Washington DC.