America RESPONDING to Poland Missile Strike?

(MSNBC video snapshot of Biden after the Poland incident)

The United States and other Western nations have reacted strongly after a missile killed two men in a town in US ally Poland amid Russia’s war against neighboring Ukraine.

This raises global tensions before preliminary conclusions the incident was probably caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft rocket fire to intercept an incoming Russian cruise missile.

Poland Incident on Day Russia Bombed Ukraine Most since April

Two male warehouse workers, both of them in their 60s, were killed on Tuesday when a missile hit the village of Przewodow in Eastern Poland, on the Polish border with Ukraine, causing immediately concerns that the incident may have been caused deliberately or accidentally by a missile fired by Putin’s Russia.

As Poland is a member of the 30-strong NATO mutual-defense alliance led by the United States, a potential Russian attack or provocation could have paved the way for America’s direct involvement and even to a world war and/or a nuclear war.

As it was uncertain what caused the missile incident, Poland’s government was preparing to trigger Article 4 of the NATO treaty, which provided for consultations among the alliance members.

The most important provision in the treaty is the famous Article 5 which stipulates that an attack against one pact member is an attack against all.

Russia’s Bloodthirsty Battle Plan

The forces of Moscow’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin have been mauling a democratic and freedom-loving Ukraine for 265 days now, after first launching an unprovoked invasion from three sides with 200,000 troops back in February.

As the Ukrainian defenders have started to rout the Russians since July, partly thanks to the supplies of top-notch American military equipment, Putin’s regime has resorted to terrorizing the nation’s civilians with massive missile and drone strikes either directly on apartment buildings, or by targeting Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure.

Tuesday was a remarkable day in the war, as it saw the highest number of Russian cruise missiles fired against Ukraine’s civilian targets – more than 100 – since the early weeks of the war.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, its forces managed to shoot down 75 Russian missiles but Ukraine’s energy infrastructure still sustained massive damages leading to power outages all over the country.

At least 100,000 Russian fighters of various type, including 82,000 official service members, have been killed, and more than 200,000 have been wounded, killed, or captured, according to estimates, while some 18,000 units of heavy Russian military equipment have been destroyed so far.

(Poland police photo shows the aftermath of the missile hit.)

‘It’s Russia’s Fault’

Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, said directly or indirectly on Wednesday that the missile that killed two people in Eastern Poland the previous afternoon was likely a Ukrainian air defense rocket that went off course, The Daily Mail reported.

The announcements immediately calmed fears that the incident could cause a war between NATO and Russia.

After meeting with Poland’s security council on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda declared there was “no evidence” that the rocket had been fired by Russia.

He also said it was “highly probably” that the Soviet-made S-300 rocket, which is used by both Russia and Ukraine, likely came from Ukraine, and there was no evidence that his nation had been targeted on purpose.

Duda emphasized that Putin’s Russia was responsible for the incident and the deaths because of its attack on Ukraine, which was defending itself.

NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, also stated that there was no deliberate attack but an accident with a Ukrainian missile.

He declared the missile accident was the fault of Putin’s Russia because of its “illegal war on Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden summoned reporters to an “emergency” meeting during the current G-20 summit in Indonesia. He said it didn’t seem like the missile had been fired by Russia, and promised to find out exactly what happened.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.