American National Park Names Stripped From Nature Journal For “White Supremacy”

"Bison in Yellowstone" by Pedro Szekely

If you’re one of many Americans who enjoys the great outdoors and endless hiking trails, this beautiful country has to offer, chances are you’re endorsing racism, at least according to the left-leaning crowd.

Namely, a recent article in the People and Nature Journal took it upon themselves to decide which National Park names are “outdated” and should be redacted for honoring “racist” figures from America’s rich history.

“Yellowstone” by Eric Vaughn

Liberal crowd loops back on itself, claiming nature lovers are “racist“

The journal claims the 16 parks examined all have names that either endorse or refer to “racist,” anti-indigenous ideologies and persons, in turn perpetuating colonialism and, get this, “white supremacy” for future generations to come.

Naturally, there’s no pleasing the cancel culture mob armed with smartphones and Twitter posts, instead of torches and pitchforks.

Apparently, using a white figure’s name is deemed as racist, whereas using an Indian moniker’s name is considered to be cultural appropriation.

Continuing on the topic of indigenous peoples in the park’s areas, the journal claims a majority of the woodlands were drastically changed by Euro-Americans.

This forced the Native Americans to relegate to reserves, where they remained to this day.

Much like the whole “gender is a social construct” topic, the journal claimed the concept of wilderness and “pristine” parks to be a human invention, quoting historian Mark David Spence, who originally peddled this absurd idea.

Nature is a social construct

The only thing he uses as support for this strange claim of his is the fact that most indigenous languages don’t have a word for “wilderness.”

This has less to do with the “white man’s” creation of the concept and more with the fact those people lived in said areas.

After doing the mandatory “Indigenous people’s rights” dance, the left-leaning journal was quick to put a spin on its narrative, shifting the focus to the black and brown communities instead.

The journal claims the current National Parks of the US are marginalizing other minorities in the country, more specifically black people, who, despite amounting to 13% of the country’s population, make up for barely 1% of all park visitors.

This is pretty standard for the woke crowd and the media that feeds into their narrative.

Shoving the idea of the black community being oppressed is kind of a mainstay in every agenda, regardless of how little it actually has to do with said community.

With this, it’s evident that a sweep of American history is already underway, governed by the BLM crowd and their biggest backers, white millennials chock-full of “white guilt.”

If America continues down this path, we’ll be left with a handful of historical figures the woke crowd won’t have deemed “racist”, and even that might not be long for this world.