American Reporter Shot Dead by Russian Troops

According to authorities, a journalist from the United States who was working in Ukraine was shot and killed in the village of Irpin, outside of Kyiv.

Brent Renaud, a writer and videographer for Time magazine, was working on the ground at the time of his death.

Kyiv police leader Andriy Nebytov claimed he had been assaulted by Russian details. Two other reporters got hurt and sent to a local hospital for treatment.

It is the first time a foreign journalist reporting the situation in Ukraine has been reportedly killed.

More Details Regarding the Death of the US Reporter

When asked by an Italian reporter whether he was with Renaud when they were attacked, one of the wounded journalists, Juan Arredondo, said yes.

“Irpin’s first bridge, where we were headed to film additional migrants fleeing, was destroyed by a vehicle,” according to the man who recorded the incident and posted it to social media.

“Someone volunteered to drive us to another bridge, and once we passed through a checkpoint, they began firing at us from all sides.”

“So the man drove around, and they continued to fire; there are two of us in the car. Brant Renaud is a good friend of mine who has been shot and left for dead. When I looked up, he was now being shot through the head.”

Several photographs of Renaud with a press ID provided by the NY Times are making the rounds on the internet right now.

To Be Continued…

Although the newspaper expressed “great sadness” upon learning of Renaud’s death, it noted he was not operating for the publication in Ukraine at the time of his death.

According to the Times, Renaud last worked for the newspaper in 2015; the media ID he was carrying in Ukraine had already been granted some years before.

Time CEO Edward Felsenthal, as well as Ian Orefice, the president and chief operational officer of Time and Time Studios, expressed their “devastation” at the news of the death of their colleague.

“As a prize cinematographer and journalist, Brent Renaud took on the most difficult subjects from all around the globe,” according to the statement.

Renaud had been reporting from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti, among other places. He was honored with a Peabody Award in 2014 for his work on the Last Chance High television series, which focused on Chicago public schools.

He often collaborated with his brother, Craig, who is also a filmmaker. This is not known if Craig made a trip to Ukraine as part of his mission.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian reporter Yevhenii Skaum, a videographer for the Ukrainian tv station LIVE, was murdered when a TV transmitting tower in the city of Kviv was struck by shelling.

Soon after, a British reporter covering the Ukraine crisis was shot and injured within a week of coming under attack in the Ukrainian capital.