Another Kamala Harris Staffer Resigns

Vice President Kamala Harris must not be too pleasant to work with because she has staffers dropping out like flies.

Kamala’s latest staffer to call quits is Kate Graham, who served as the vice president’s chief speechwriter. Yes, Kamala Harris has a personal speechwriter which isn’t surprising, considering most politicians’ staffers usually run the show anyway.

Harris’ speechwriter will not leave until the end of February, but her resignation is raising eyebrows.

As of now, the White House didn’t give details on why Graham is leaving, but many are speculating it’s due to the fact Harris is hard to work with.

More Staffers Leave Harris

You would think being a staffer for the vice president of the United States would be a position you would want to hold on to, but apparently not if that vice president is Kamala Harris.

Rumors have spread like wildfires that Harris creates a toxic working environment.

Kamala’s staffers started to abandon the sinking ship shortly after Harris’ communication director, Ashley Etienne, made her official resignation after 10 months of having the job.

After Etienne called it quits, a senior advisor followed Etienne out the door, which lead the deputy director to leave the vice president’s side too.

Harris currently has a 39% approval rating, but amongst her staffers, that number might even be lower.

Kamala Harris Might be Nowhere to be Seen in 2024

Towards the end of last year, Harris stated she and Biden have not been talking about re-election. Yet, after she made that statement, White House press secretary Jen Psaki would say that Biden is running for re-election with Kamala Harris by his side.

Many top Democrats want Harris gone from the 2024 ticket, due to her low approval ratings. So far, she has yet to do anything that is eye-popping to American voters; instead, she has gone into hiding when Americans needed her most.

While Afghanistan was being taken over by the Taliban, Harris was silent and left Biden to himself. When the border crisis was assigned to her, she did nothing but visit Texas and give a short speech.

Earlier in the month, there were rumors that Hillary Clinton would run again for president in 2024. Many Democrats would rather see her run in 2024 than Biden or Harris.

Biden will be 82 in 2024. It is hard to even imagine if he will be functional at that age, considering he is already struggling now. Harris, who is still quite young, doesn’t have the support she needs in an election against Trump or DeSantis.

The Democrat Party is completely underwater.

If the only names that get tossed around are Biden, Harris, or Clinton, then Trump, DeSantis, Pompeo, or another Republican will definitely be in the White House without a doubt.