Another One of Biden’s Plans Takes Hits in Congress

During the first half of Joe Biden’s presidential term, he was able to get things passed by simply having Democrats who controlled the House and the Senate vote accordingly without getting any input from Republicans.

This left the GOP in a tight spot since Democrats had majorities in both the Senate and the House.

However, after last year’s midterms, this changed. Democrats retained their dominance in the Senate, but they lost it in the House. This means Biden no longer has sweeping control of Congress.

He actually has to work across the aisle and if he declines to do this, then he’s not going to get anything passed. According to Forbes, the president is learning this lesson the hard way.

Biden Learns the Hard Way

Not too long ago, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted down a bill that would have implemented various climate change restrictions on the trucking industry. The legislation was greenlit by the Senate, but dead on arrival by the time it reached the House.

On top of that, Republicans in the House just passed a piece of legislation that would walk back the president’s plan to waive student loan debt for borrowers and redistribute the fees onto taxpayers.

Whether or not this bill passes the Senate is another story. However, it’s clear that Republicans aren’t messing around when it comes to fighting back against Biden’s dangerous plans.

The Moral of the Story

Biden has consistently pushed back against having to work with congressional GOP members. However, as reality sets in, the president is beginning to do the bare minimum by discussing the debt ceiling with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

When Republicans reclaimed control of the House last year, they vowed to hold Biden accountable in all things. So far, this promise is very much being lived up to.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.