Anti-Mandate Convoy in Canada Becomes World’s Largest Convoy

The Freedom Convoy, which is made up of over 50,000 truckers in Canada, has just smashed a world record. The Freedom Convoy consists of truckers who are protesting against Canada’s vaccine mandates and formed a convoy that stretches over 45 miles!

The previously world’s largest convoy was documented at 4.6 miles. The truckers are not only protesting vaccine mandates, but are also protesting against Canada’s mask mandates for truckers. Currently, while truckers are alone in their cabs, they must wear masks.

The convoy started in Vancouver; now the trucks are rolling in Ottawa, Canada. Not all of the truckers are Canadian; however, some are Americans who took the journey to protest on behalf of their fellow patriots of the north.

Truckers Aren’t the Only Ones Protesting

Canadian truckers aren’t the only ones protesting vaccine mandates, but thousands of Canadian citizens have lined up in freezing temperatures to cheer on truckers participating in the convoy.

Thousands of Canadians all across the country have stood out in the rain, sleet, and snow with their anti-mandate signs and pro-freedom chants.

Anti-mandate demonstrators also made their way to Ottawa to cheer the truckers on as they entered the city.

As the first part of the convoy entered Canada’s capital, it was like a scene in a movie of thousands of Canadians dancing, shouting, and cheering for freedom.

Just look at Ottawa:

So far, leftists are reportedly throwing nails on roads to show their displeasure with the truckers. Radical leftists have been counter-protesting all throughout the country by throwing long screws and nails to pop tires of ongoing trucks participating in the convoy.

Some locals, however, have been able to clean up the road and even warn the truckers via CB radio of the roadblocks by the leftists. US truckers are catching the convoy fever too and are in the works of creating their own convoy.

A Facebook page by the name of Convoy to Washington DC 2022, which has close to 100,000 members, is working on organizing a convoy that stretches from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Canada’s Prime Minister Mysteriously Got COVID

While the truckers made their way to Canada’s capital, Trudeau kept his silence. Well, hours after massive protests erupted, Trudeau’s medical team announced the Prime Minister turned up as positive for COVID-19.

Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19 even after he was vaccinated twice and received the booster, which has given truckers even more fuel to protest vaccine mandates.

Instead of taking away his vaccine mandates after testing positive, he instead, in a speech, encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. This added more fuel to the truckers’ flame of fighting for liberty.

Trudeau, for many, Canadians is a nightmare; the young, good-looking prime minister has turned into an authoritative figure overnight.