AOC Caught Partying Maskless at Drag Bar in Florida

Democrat Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been making headlines this whole week, but for all the wrong reasons.

AOC was caught maskless at a drag bar and even, at one point, was invited on stage and danced with a drag queen.

There’s nothing wrong with being maskless; however, AOC has been a huge advocate for masks in the state of New York.

Apparently, she just likes to force rules and not obey them herself. While small children are being forced to be vaccinated in New York, AOC has fled the authoritarian-controlled state of New York and sought freedom in Florida.

The drag queen Ocasio-Cortez danced with was Billy Porter, who is the new fairy godmother in Amazon Studios’ reboot of Cinderella.

AOC Criticized Governor DeSantis While Partying It Up in Florida

AOC has criticized Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on multiple occasions for his COVID-19 response; her visit to the state of Florida is just a glimpse of AOC’s hypocrisy.

AOC commented more on DeSantis’ COVID-19 decisions than she talked about the disgraced former governor of New York’s nursing home scandal and sexual assault allegations.

Most recently, while she was spotted in the city of Miami, AOC tweeted out that Governor DeSantis has gone “missing.”

A DeSantis spokesperson responded to AOC’s tweet by stating Gov. DeSantis is not missing, but he was rather by his wife’s side as she underwent cancer treatments.

Back in October, Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with breast cancer and since then, Ron DeSantis has been by his wife’s side while still governing the state of Florida.

After DeSantis’ spokesperson announced the governor’s whereabouts, AOC was silenced as she should be. Maybe next time, the congresswoman will think before she speaks, but that might be too hard to do.

AOC’s Breakdown Doesn’t Stop There

AOC, who seems to think being a congresswoman requires her to be on Twitter all day, accused Republican males of having “sexual frustration” because they were unable to date her.

AOC made her comments after Trump’s former campaign advisor, Steve Cortes, shared a picture of AOC with her boyfriend in Florida.

Cortes posted the picture of AOC and her boyfriend with a caption about AOC’s boyfriend’s “pale feet.” To this, AOC replied by saying Republicans are only talking about her because they want to date her.

So basically, AOC got exposed for hypocrisy over visiting a state that has no mask or vaccine mandates. Yet, she did not address the main problem of why she was visiting Florida if its leaders have responded to COVID-19 so horribly.

Americans must never allow AOC to get a seat higher than what she has; the last thing the United States needs are leaders who claim ‘people want to date them’ if they get exposed.