AOC Says Our Climate Crisis Needs “Wartime-scale Mobilization”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently used some very strong rhetoric during her speech at a recent press conference. In her speech the Democratic lawmakers stated that America needs a peaceful wartime-scale mobilization to defeat climate change.

A report by the Daily Mail shared that AOC stated that she wants a 1.5 million member strong “Climate Corp” that would not just be deployed in our National Parks but also in urban neighborhoods. The cost of the new climate corp would cost tax payers up to 5 billion dollars a year. With her at the Press Conference Democrat Senator from New York Chuck Schumer was also at the Press Conference and backed AOC’s Civilian Climate Corps Bill.

Details Behind Ocasio’s Civilian Climate Corps Bill

The Civilian Climate Corps Bill was originally introduced by Senator Ed Markey of Masschusetts and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in April. The Bill aims to create essentially 1.5 million Climate Corps jobs that would go into urban communities and reduce climate emissions, transition to new renewable energy, and help cities recover from disasters caused by the climate.

FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps

It appears AOC’s Climate Civilian Corps (CCC) will just be a knock off version of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In 1933 FDR during the Great Depression created thousands of jobs for Americans when he created the Civilian Conservation Corps which helped preserve and create National Parks all over our nation.

The CCC would hire healthy young men able to do physical labor on 30 month contracts. The work was not easy but it gave men much needed jobs in a time when they were scarce.

AOC’s CCC will probably not being too much physical labor but instead they’ll more than likely send out “woke” youth to neighborhoods and warn them of environmental racism and the dangers of Climate Change.

Climate Lockdowns Could Be Enforced By The Civilian Climate Corps

The Democrats are trying to play it off as the CCC will create millions of jobs and our world will be a cleaner place but is that the real reason they wrote the bill? Some are speculating that Civilian Climate Corps will be used to enforce climate lockdowns in the near future. If you don’t believe Climate Lockdowns let’s look at some of the writing on the wall already.

Joe Biden while addressing the nation last month stated that the world is in a climate crisis and went on to say stated just as the world unified itself to respond against Covid-19, we need the same unified response to respond to Climate Change. How did all the world unify? Well almost every single country enforced lockdowns and it appears the same will be done for the “climate crisis” too.

A WHO staffer recently also went on record saying a climate lockdown may be necessary in the near future to slow down carbon emissions.