AOC Viciously Humiliated by Her Own Constituents

House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suffered a monstrous public humiliation at the hands of her own constituents. This happened after a town hall event that she held in Queens severely backfired.

AOC a ‘Piece of S—’

Ocasio-Cortez has been known for staging certain public appearances for the sake of conducting far-left, anti-American propaganda.

However, her latest town hall in the NYC borough of Queens literally collapsed after devolving into an unruly shouting match. Disgruntled voters yelled at AOC over her insane policies.

The enraged constituents took issue with AOC’s various stances – ranging from her promotion of unbridled illegal immigration to her views on raising the debt ceiling, The Daily Wire reports.

As the town hall, which was held last Friday night, became chaotic, one man with a Cuban flag shirt tried to walk to Ocasio-Cortez on the stage. He was only stopped by a security guard.

The man was clearly outraged by the gigantic illegal immigrant invasion of the United States through the US – Mexican border. He kept yelling Americans must come first and before illegal migrants.

As he asked about AOC’s stance on illegal border jumpers, the man was turned back by security, and managed to yell at the leftist politician that she was a “piece of s***.”

Slammed on All Policy Fronts

Ocasio-Cortez reacted inadequately by laughing at the disgruntled American voter, but the night became worse.

She stated the US government should eliminate any borrowing limits – thus allowing the Democrats to spend trillions after trillions of dollars in a Soviet-style crusade.

Other voters present in the room were worried about the scope of the US military aid to Ukraine, as the latter is fighting off a brutal aggression by Putin’s Russia.

The official figure of the US military aid to Ukraine so far stands at about $38 billion, even though a member of AOC’s audience yelled it was $100 billion. The constituents were more disgruntled by AOC’s failure to do anything to help stop Putin’s war.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.