Arizona Audit Reveals Close to 44,000 Ballots Were Cast Illegally

Despite the mainstream media declaring Biden won the state of Arizona, forensic evidence from the Maricopa County audit tells a different story. Cyber Ninja’s audit of the Maricopa County audit has concluded.

Yesterday, the evidence was presented before Arizona’s Senate. The evidence revealed that over 44,000 ballots were possibly illegally cast.

Arizona Audit Reveals Close to 44,000 Ballots Were Cast Illegally

The audit started off by Dr. Shiva Ayyaduarai declaring 17,322 duplicate ballots were found in Maricopa County. Dr. Shiva is a graduate from MIT and also the inventor of “email” technology. Therefore, when it comes to conducting forensic audits on ballots, he’s more than qualified.

More Details About The Audit

The audit also discovered 23,344 mail-in ballots were cast from a prior address. Another bombshell revelation revealed that 9,041 ballots were returned by voters than originally sent out. The fraud doesn’t end there, though; there were was also major cybersecurity issues discovered too.

One of the cybersecurity issues discovered is the Maricopa County elections officials all used the same username and password. Since users and admins all used the same login credentials, this would make it harder for investigators to discover which of the election officials were overriding security logs.

Ben Cotton is the one who presented all of the information regarding cybersecurity issues. At one moment, he got cheered on the Senate floor. This happened when he announced he had screenshots of election officials at the keyboards during the time periods when large amounts of election result logs were tampered with.

Watch him explain his discovery here:

President Trump Responds to the Arizona Audit Results

President Trump put out several press releases regarding the Maricopa County audit results. Trump, in his first statement, declared the Arizona election results should be decertified immediately after 44,000 possible ballots were cast illegally.

He then went on to slam fake news outlets for reporting disinformation regarding the results of the Arizona election. Trump said he will talk more about the Arizona audit results at his rally in Georgia.

Trump plans to speak in the Peach State in front of a large crowd. He will be also sharing the stage with Senate hopeful Herschel Walker. Walker has officially announced he will run for the U.S. Senate after receiving Trump’s endorsement.

The mainstream media is ignoring all the voter discrepancies found during the audit. They are also reporting that Biden actually gained more votes after the forensic audit was conducted and saying Trump lost votes.

Both CNN and Fox News have totally brushed aside the thousands of duplicate ballots found. They also remain dismissive regarding the software issues; this is due to the fact they are the ones who called Arizona for Biden early in the first place.

In a nutshell, they just want Trump to get out of the political scene.