Arizona’s Disabled Children No Longer at Risk of Being Aborted!

Last Wednesday, a federal district court allowed the president of the Arizona Senate and the House Speaker to defend a state law that prohibits abortion clinics from aborting children based on a disability they have.

This came as a response to a joint court filing by two pro-abortion activists and three pro-choice organizations. They are against these protections for babies with genetic abnormalities, in which they demanded that the law be struck down.

Your child, your responsibility

The fact that there are people out there willing to destroy life solely because the child isn’t what they thought it’d be is disturbing, to say the least. Had that been a morally acceptable thing to do, there would be no persons with Down syndrome on this planet, to begin with.

Every human life is equally as valuable. An unborn child’s genetic makeup shouldn’t be the deciding factor when a mother is given the choice to keep a child or abort it.

The Arizona law ensures that babies, including those with Down syndrome, aren’t written off as dead from the moment it’s discovered they’re different from the norm.

While anyone with common sense would defend a law like this, it’s a well-known fact that pro-choice activists don’t exactly have that in abundance.

ADF Senior Counsel Denise Harle stated she’s pleased to have Senate President Petersen and House Speaker Toma supporting a law that only exists to save lives, rather than take them away.

Discriminatory abortions are wrong on so many levels

However, this law hasn’t exactly popped up out of nowhere. It’s actually been around since 2011 when the state of Arizona prevented abortions that were motivated by a child’s sex or skin color.

Ten years later, it was updated with the addition of children with genetic abnormalities to the list, preventing any discriminatory abortions that would happen when a mother finds out her child “isn’t perfect.”

All life should be considered perfect and a child is nothing short of a gift from God, at least according to some. Discriminating against children who had nothing to do with their race, gender, genetic makeup, or cognitive abilities is the least humane thing a person could do.

Of course, taking care of a child with genetic abnormalities does take some extra work and dedication, but none of it is an issue for a mother who truly loves her child.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Giving up from the very start just because a child isn’t going to live up to your expectations should be punishable by law.

This nation is already crowded with neglected and abandoned children. The last thing we need is to normalize abandoning a child before they’re even given their shot at being the best they can be.