Army Base Accidentally Gives Patients COVID-19 Shots Instead of Flu Shots

A breaking report that has just come from the Army declares three individuals who were vaccinated at a military base were accidentally given a COVID-19 shot, instead of their intended flu shots.

The three unidentified people originally were planning on getting flu shots at a vaccination site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord; however, they were later informed they received a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, instead.

According to Newsweek, Col. Joey Sullinger (who spoke on behalf of Joint Base Lewis-McChord) said the Army is actively trying to prevent such actions from happening again.

Col. Sullinger also stated they are keeping their eyes on the health of the individuals who were wrongly vaccinated. It has not been reported if the three individuals were members of the Army or if they were family members of a soldier.

Vaccine Requirement For Military Members is Getting Closer

After Pfizer was approved by the FDA, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin quickly enforced a vaccination mandate that requires all members of the military to get vaccinated.

The only people who are not subject to the vaccine are those with a medical waiver or religious exemptions. Some members of the military have lately seen their religious exemption freedoms under attack; the Department of Defense is now looking more closely at religious exemption requests.

The Marine Corp has just announced if Marines refuse to be vaccinated by the November 28 deadline, then they will be gone. The Marine Corp also announced all of the Marines who already refused to get vaccinated will have their promotions withheld, be relieved of commands, and will no longer be deployed.

So as November 28 gets closer, expect a large amount of members of the Armed Forces to be relieved of their duties. I’m sure many of them will post videos expressing their ill treatment.

Four and Five Year Olds Also Given Pfizer Vaccine By “Accident”

A four and five year old in Indiana were accidentally given the Pfizer vaccine at a Walgreens. The children went to the Walgreens to get flu shots, along with their parents.

However, after both of the children were jabbed, an employee at Walgreens handed the parents a COVID vaccination card, to their surprise.

The parents then immediately sought medical attention from a pediatric cardiologist, due to the fact Pfizer, at the time, was not approved by the FDA for children 5 to 11 years old.

This week, an FDA committee gave its approval of administering COVID-19 vaccinations to children 5 to 11 years old. The committee approval gives the FDA the green light to allow vaccinations for children, which will more than likely lead to an authorization by the FDA.

After the FDA approves the vaccine for children, more than likely, liberal states will force children to be vaccinated in order for them to attend school. Just watch.