Assassination Looms for Biden Informant as FBI Fears Exposed

The FBI informant behind a document claiming Joe Biden got bribed with $5 million by a foreign citizen might be assassinated, due to his revelations.

At least the federal agency fears so, according to a Republican congresswoman.

Exposing FBI’s Fears

The FBI is allegedly worried their informant implicating Sleepy Joe in a massive bribery and corruption scheme might be taken out, GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna revealed in a Twitter post.

She was referring to an FBI document that was subpoenaed a month ago by House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Breitbart News reports.

Despite Comer’s subpoena, the FBI has stubbornly refused to hand over the informant file. This is leading Comer and other House Republican leaders to move ahead with proceedings to hold FBI chief Christopher Wray in contempt of the United States Congress.

Comer’s decision in that regard was unshaken. On Monday, he and Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin were allowed to see the document at the FBI headquarters and even take notes about it.

Enough for Biden’s Impeachment

In her tweet, Rep. Luna disclosed she just attended a committee meeting and learned the FBI itself feared the Biden accuser would get assassinated.

Speaking in a Fox News interview after her Twitter post, Luna characterized the so-stated FBI worries about the informant’s safety as “scary and alarming.”

The subpoenaed, but still concealed, FBI file contains a 2020 agency interview with the source.

The source disclosed that Biden was paid millions of dollars by a foreign individual to influence policy decisions of the US government, in his capacity of vice president under Barack Obama.

After reviewing the document at the FBI premises earlier this week, House Oversight Committee leader James Comer confirmed it was real. He also stressed the informant behind it was a “highly credible” source of the agency for over a decade.

Meanwhile, his Democratic colleague Jamie Raskin naturally and expectedly dismissed the informant file as “secondary hearsay.”

In her Fox News interview regarding the revelations surround Joe Biden and his family, Rep. Luna stated there was also enough evidence to impeach the Democratic president. She also argued the FBI and the US Department of Justice were clearly trying to cover up for Biden.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.