Dr. Ben Carson Calls Critical Race Theory “Garbage”

Former HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson is not a fan of Critical Race Theory; he even called it garbage in his latest interview with Newsmax.

Dr. Carson, who’s a highly respectable neurosurgeon, knows all about the brain; he, therefore, believes critical race theory is an agenda to program our children to think that their race determines who they are and what they can contribute to society.

Carson also quoted Communist leader Vladimir Lenin who said ‘give me your children for four years and I’ll put seeds in them that can never be uprooted.’

So what Dr. Carson was saying is the far-left knows the time to brainwash American citizens is when they are children; that’s when they’re the most susceptible and that’s what communist leaders have done in the past too.

There’s nothing new under the sun, my friends.

Dr. Carson Names America’s Biggest Threat

Carson continued his interview on Newsmax by saying America will never be destroyed by North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China.

Instead, the neurosurgeon stated that if America is destroyed, it will come from within. He then noted that’s why Jesus said a nation divided by itself can’t stand.

Carson sharing the words of Jesus was truly refreshing, considering Jesus’s name is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media anymore unless it’s being used as a curse word.

Our nation is truly divided; it’s time Americans stop hating one another but stand up for our rights that are being taken away on a daily basis through liberal ideology rooted in Marxism.

Dr. Carson is right, when it comes to critical race theory, it is a bunch of garbage.

What Exactly is Critical Race Theory?

I’ve heard so many people say critical race theory is “bad” and it’s rooted in communism; however, they have yet to explain why, so here’s a brief description of what critical race theory actually entails.

Critical race theory teaches that the most important thing about your is your race. It also goes as far as to say that your race defines who you are as a living being. Ultimately, the theory also pushes the idea that America is fundamentally racist; critical race theory also alleges that all of our institutions that have been established are designed to promote white supremacy.

Their solution to the problem is to overthrows all the institutions that allegedly promote white supremacy. So that’s why it’s so essential to the far-left to tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and others; leftists ultimately want to destroy everything that our country represents.

Karl Marx wanted to lead a revolution through workers overthrowing a capitalist society, while critical race theory aims to overthrow a capitalist society by using race.