Biden Accuser Warns She Might Be Taken Out

Public controversies and outrage surrounding the family of President Joe “Multiple Scandals” Biden are heating up.

There are fresh revelations by the GOP-led House Oversight Committee that the Bidens received millions of dollars from Communist China and other countries.

Even more shockingly, a woman accusing the Democrats’ leader of abuse warned she might be taken out by the far-left regime.

‘Not Suicidal’

A woman who says the president sexually assaulted her decades ago posted her chilling warning on Twitter.

In a recent Twitter post, which actually came shortly before Comer’s latest revelations about the Bidens’ foreign business ventures, Tara Reade declared that she was “not suicidal.”

Then, Reade said that were anything to happen to her, “all roads” would “lead to Joe Biden.”

She added the “threats, bullying, and intimidation” she had been experiencing from Biden and the “political machine” of the Democratic National Committee would “not work” on her.

Ending Joe Biden’s Corruption

Reade has accused Sleepy Joe of sexual assault that he allegedly committed against her in the 1990s when he was still a US Senator from Delaware.

The report calls her warning “chilling.” It also adds that it seems to be far more serious than any Republican semi-jokes about what the Clintons could do to whoever might be inconvenient to them.

According to the Western Journal commentary, the Twitter post conveys that the Biden accuser seems “truly scared.”

Reade insisted she was a former Biden staffer speaking out and telling the truth. Also, she argued she shouldn’t be under federal investigation at all.

The brave woman also vowed to testify in Congress if she is asked to do that and urged the FBI, Justice Department, and social media harassment against her to stop.

In the end, Tara Reade concluded her post by stating “Biden’s corruption must end.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.