Biden Silent After American Journalist Sentenced to 11 Years in Myanmar

An American journalist in Myanmar has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. This comes after being found guilty of three bogus charges that claim Fenster was spreading “false news” about Myanmar’s military.

The charges he was found guilty of were unlawful association with an illegal group (the illegal group was the news organization he worked for), writing articles that cause fear, and spreading false news.

Danny is just one of the thousands who have been put in jail after the Myanmar military conducted a coup on February 1st. This was carried out via the internet and by using a kill switch; then, it resulted in the arrest of every pro-democracy leader.

The military claimed election fraud took place, but in reality, the people of Myanmar got sick of the “deep state” figures within the military selling off Myanmar’s natural resources to China.

Therefore, the people voted in large numbers to put the National League of Democracy into power. Since the military coup, pro-democracy protestors have been hunted down; it’s reported that close to 1,100 protesters have been slaughtered, so far.

More on Fenster’s Arrest

Fenster was originally arrested when he was attempting to leave the country. As he was inside Yangon International Airport, Fenster got arrested by the military and sent to the infamous Insein prison in Yangon.

Before his trial, Fenster was in prison for five months; all the Biden administration had to offer him was rhetoric.

Fenster is from Detroit, Michigan, and was the managing editor for Frontier Myanmar. His parents have started a campaign to get him released, but as of right now, Biden has shown no sign of rescuing the American.

Things have now turned from bad to worse for Fenster. CNN reported just days before being found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison, Fenster is now facing two more charges that could give him life in prison.

A new charge Fenster is facing is the Section 50a counter-terrorism law, which makes it a crime to work for a terrorist organization. The Myanmar military is now saying the pro-democracy paper Fenster worked for is a terrorist group.

Biden is Scared of Myanmar’s Military

In November, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations traveled to Myanmar, where he was told to strictly talk about COVID-19 humanitarian assistance.

Bill Richards, who was the former US ambassador to the UN, stated he wanted to tell the Myanmar military to release Fenster; however, he was ordered by the State Department not to mention anything about Fenster.

This goes to show America no longer lives by the “phrase no man left behind,” but rather all men are left behind enemies lines. Just look at Afghanistan. What a sad sight to behold.