Biden Administration Continues the Oppression of Gas Vehicle Users

Electric vehicles have been around for a fair amount of time. They’ve brought about a divide among car owners, as they’re an alternative to gas-powered vehicles, but many have argued they can barely even be called cars.

The woke left, of course, is always with whatever could get them the most voters on their side; they’ve sided with EV companies to push forth the tightest-ever regulation regarding tailpipe emissions in US history.

Joe wants you to be eco-friendly in his stead

The regulations are expected to be rolled out by the EPA.

They’re going to be applicable to vehicles manufactured between 2027-2032, with the date being set for Thursday next week when we’ll learn some additional info on the regulations.

The EPA tried to sell the change as if Joe’s fighting to keep America clean and reduce the costs American families are forced to cover when it comes to transport, but we’ve all seen where this is going.

This isn’t the first time Joe tried to be eco-friendly at everyone else’s expense. It’s been almost two years since he signed an executive order to the EPA to include additional fuel efficiency and emission standards in their regulations.

According to Joe’s office, this move was part of his effort to tackle climate change; although many would argue he should probably work on Air Force One’s emissions. The aircraft polluted the atmosphere more than tens of thousands of Americans could in a lifetime.

EVs pale in comparison to the good ol’ gas guzzlers

If you look at the president’s vehicles, you’ll find none of them are electric-powered. Even though it’s required for him to be in an armored vehicle for official visits, that’s not stopping him from being the slightest bit ecological.

During a visit to Ford’s EV center in Michigan, Joe claimed the future of the automotive industry is electric; while he may be gunning for it, the numbers don’t exactly add up.

Last year’s car sales showed 93% of all cars purchased in the US were gas-powered and for a good reason, too. We’ve all seen the malfunctions and shortcomings of the industry’s pioneer and leading EV manufacturer, Tesla.

On top of being far less impressive when it comes to performance, EVs are actually losing in the price department as well, contradicting Biden’s claims about the switch over to electric benefitting lower-income families.

The average cost of a single EV totals at around $64.5k; whereas a standard gas-powered car, will set you back slightly over $26k. If we consider the mileage you can get out of a single full tank from each of these, the EVs are at a huge disadvantage.

It’s safe to say Joe’s definitely got some ulterior motives when it comes to pushing electric vehicles this much; we’re going to find out sooner or later.