Biden Admits Hunter Lied to Get Gun, Distances From Prodigal First Son

(Daily Mail photo from Hunter Biden's laptop.)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden made a groundbreaking admission: his prodigal first son did lie on an application to buy a gun.

Biden, at the same time, seemed to distance himself from Hunter by insisting he “didn’t know anything about” that.

Confused Ramblings in Lengthy CNN Interview

Sleepy Joe’s admission about Hunter’s lie came during a long TV interview that he gave to CNN host Jake Tapper.

The admission sounded quite confusing. Biden himself appeared quite confused as he was speaking; although that is hardly a rare occurrence for him, given his frequent senility-driven “senior moments.”

The materials found on Hunter’s laptop and an iPhone backup copy saved on its hard drive exposed the very suspicious financial dealings of Hunter Biden. It also showed his addictions to drugs, prostitutes, alcohol, and the internal tensions in the Biden family.

Besides all of that, a voicemail message Joe Biden left to his son in December 2018 indicates the current president is well aware of his son’s business dealings, in spite of constantly denying that.

These revelations and allegations by Tony Bubolinsky, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, led to speculations that Joe Biden may be the “big boss,” or head of the murky international financial operations handled by his son Hunter.

There have been recent reports that Hunter Biden may be about to get indicted for tax crimes and for lying on a gun purchase application form by hiding his drug addiction.

However, critics have cautioned this could be an attempt by the FBI and Biden administration to allow both Hunter, and potentially his dad, to get away with practically everything.

Much bigger and deeper crimes could be exposed if properly investigated.

(Daily Mail photo from Hunter Biden’s laptop.)

Lots to Be Proud of There, Joe!

In his CNN interview, as a loving “dad,” as he calls himself in the laptop voicemail message, Sleepy Joe declared how “proud” he is of his prodigal son Hunter.

Biden specified that what made him proud was Hunter managed to overcome his addiction to drugs and he even wrote a book about it.

Even though he tried to make it seem as though he unconditionally supported his son, the Democrat president distanced himself from Hunter by stating he knew nothing about his offspring lying to get a gun.

Biden, who is going to be 80 next month, insisted he had no knowledge about the problematic gun purchase by his 52-year-old son. He claimed Hunter “came along” one day and told him about “this thing about a gun.”

In a confused tirade, Joe Biden made it clear that it “turns out” his son incorrectly filed the application for the purchase. In explaining that, the president stuttered several times by saying “I guess” and “I don’t guess.”

He added Hunter even wrote in his own book that he said “no” when the application asked if he ever had a drug addiction. At that point, Empty Shelves Joe declared he had “great confidence in [his] son.”

Hunter’s former lover and wife to his late brother, Hallie, revealed in 2018, she found in his car a .38 revolver and threw it in the trash because she was afraid he could possibly commit suicide.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.