Biden Begs Saudi Arabia For More Oil, Gets the Finger Instead

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Earlier this week, Joe Biden was seen grasping for staws during his visit to the government of Saudi Arabia, the one he’d called a “pariah” in one of his earlier press conferences.

He went there to beg the oil giant OPEC to pump more oil.

Unfortunately for Biden though, not only did this display how desperate he was to get things back in order now, but the company actually decided to pump two million barrels less every day.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Shameful display of Biden struggling to find a solution to the energy crisis

All of this is coming on the heels of a constant rise in gas prices across the US, just like the analysts predicted.

Inflation will be sent through the roof once again, with the move practically being OPEC’s way of giving Biden “the finger.”

Even after all that, things would have remained on course, had White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre not claimed OPEC was actually aligning with Russia, which is sure to have repercussions in our future relations.

With the energy crisis still raging on at full power, Biden is running out of options, especially now that it’ll be impossible to follow through on the decision to stop robbing US oil reserves by October 31st this year.

Democrats, including Biden, are even going as far as saying this depletion of the reserves is a “historic event,” almost as if the political gain they’ll get from dropping gas prices for a short period of time is worth throwing away years of energy security.

Venezuelan dictatorship gets a boost

When interviewed at the meeting with OPEC, the president called their move a “disappointment,” downplaying his lack of resolve and dedication to actually help this country get back on its feet.

After a couple of slurred words and what sounded like him claiming OPEC to be a problem, Biden simply smiled and backed off, almost as if he was unaware his decisions were the driving force behind events that put our economy in this state.

Hilariously enough, instead of easing some pressure on the US, he’s lifting oil sanctions in Venezuela, in hopes that it would allow Chevron to produce more oil.

This will do less to empower the US and instead simply enrich the oppressive communist regime in the country.

It’s clear as day the Biden administration couldn’t care less about an oppressed people or the communist dictatorship in Venezuela, so long as they’re in the clear. Even that is questionable, given Biden’s plummeting approval rating.

Being “eco-friendly” is only an option if it doesn’t impose on Democrats lining their pockets or remaining in power, but it’s thrown aside the moment either of the two becomes an uncertainty.

If anything, we can look forward to the midterm elections in hopes of the GOP reclaiming the majority of House seats and setting us back on course for greatness, where the US belongs.