Biden Caught Breaking Mask Rule in Store

The movers and shakers of the United States like to make the rules, but not abide by them.

Just hours after the Omicron variant has the entire world shutting down once again, Biden was caught without his mask on in a store that required masks to be worn inside.

While shopping in Nantucket after celebrating Thanksgiving, Biden casually shopped around in a Nantucket boutique without wearing a mask. The video that caught Biden ironically was also able to film the “required face mask” sign in the store’s window.

This isn’t the first time Biden broke a mask rule. Hours after issuing a mask mandate in federal buildings, Biden was caught doing a photoshoot without a mask inside of a federal building.

This happened on the very day the president issued that same mandate. To be honest, there’s nothing bad about Biden not wearing a mask; the problem is he’s telling others to wear a mask when he isn’t even doing it.

Biden Issues Travel Restrictions Starting Monday

Biden officially announced the United States will no longer allow any flights coming from South Africa and seven other countries from entering the United States.

Dr. Fauci gave Biden the advice to issue travel restrictions from several African nations after a new COVID-19 variant called Omicron has broken out.

Biden and Fauci have been praised so far, even though their decision is hypocritical. Remember, when Trump restricted travel to and from China, he was deemed as xenophobic.

According to Fox News, Biden tweeted out well over a year ago the United States needs to lead by science and not by xenophobic behavior. You can imagine what the media would say about Trump if he were to restrict flights from Africa.

Liberals are Declaring a State of Emergency

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul has already declared a state of emergency for New York, even though there have been a total of zero cases of the Omicron variant in the United States so far.

Hochul also ordered nursing homes to issue booster shots to nursing home residents. Hochul has had her fair share of controversy in the few months she’s been governor after replacing Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexual assault.

One of those controversies was she told a crowded church in New York City they should be her disciples and tell their neighbors about getting the COVID vaccine.

Hochul would later go on to say that people who are not vaccinated are not listening to God. Just take a look at her declaring this below:

The Democrats will use all of our laws against us. Then, when they exhaust those laws, they will misinterpret the Bible in order for them to manipulate the masses.