Biden Claims He’s Not to Blame If the US Defaults on Debt

Last week on Sunday, our president tried to weasel his way out of responsibility, claiming if the country should default on debt, he shouldn’t be the one to blame.

Instead, good old Joe tried to shift the blame onto the Republican Party, more specifically the “MAGA Republicans,” as he likes to call them.

Biden thinks they are apparently working around the clock to make the default possible, just to destroy the economy before 2024 rolls around.

Blameless for the current state of the economy

This is quite the reach, even from Biden. It’s practically incriminating an entire group of Americans for the sake of justifying the current state of the economy and what’s to follow.

The deranged statement came during a speech Biden held in Hiroshima last week. Upon being interviewed by the many journalists present at the event, Joe even said “he’s done his part.”

If anything, his work as president only contributed to the destruction of US values, our economy, and much of anything else.

Biden even had the guts to claim if the US does default on debt, no one will be blaming him and everyone would be saying he’d done a wonderful job. This makes him blameless in a situation where the US economy is in shambles.

A reality check is due

This is a testament to just how detached from reality this man can be. One fails to see who’s feeding this information to him; it’s nearly impossible for a sane person to believe they’re not to blame for what they directly caused.

It’s almost as if someone’s been giving Biden cue cards with the intention of making him look like a joke, but that would be quite the reach as well, almost on par with what Biden said about the economy.

Under no circumstance would the MAGA movement, or any other Republican for that matter, purposely destroy the economy just to undermine Biden’s presidential bid.

No one on the right side of the political spectrum even considers him a worthy opponent for the election cycle; the same goes for his own party members.

At the end of the day, even if Biden walks away scot-free, he’s not going to stay in office for too long; the projections for the 2024 election cycle are not in his favor in the slightest.

His approval rating has been in the gutter for a while now; the poor handling of the border crisis only caused it to tumble down even further.

“Blameless” may have been the wrong word, though.

We’ll all know who’s to blame; it’s just that he’ll try to weasel his way out of what he’s got coming. If we’re lucky, Biden’s plan will be a catastrophic failure.