Biden Comes Up with Banal Plan to Fight Homelessness

The Biden administration posted the president’s plan to fight homelessness nationwide. It has turned out to be a combination of banal well-measures and attempts to take credit for pandemic-era policies started under the Trump administration.

Creepy Joe Tries to Take Credit for Trump Administration’s Work

Biden’s anti-homelessness plan was unveiled by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). This has, “unfortunately,” been used as a “campaign ad” for the Democratic president, a report by HotAir notes.

The plan is supposed to reduce homelessness throughout the United States by 25% over the next three years. Still, it turns out all of its proposed measures have already been tried.

It also claims to be building upon “the success of previous plans,” which has been meager, at best. The USICH announcement claims the “Biden-Harris administration” already succeeded in “halting the rapid rise” in the rates of homelessness.

The report describes the above as an “absurd claim,” since a recent reduction in homelessness figures was connected with the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two policies of the federal government were adopted because of it.

Thus, the growth in homelessness rates slowed down, due to the pandemic reopening. The federal eviction moratorium and federal payments to tenants under the CARES Act and subsequent programs also played a role.

However, both of the latter policies were adopted in March 2020 by the administration of President Trump.

Yet now, Sleepy Joe is shamelessly trying to take credit for them. The USICH release repeats three times the false allegation that Biden and his veep, Kamala Harris, stopped the homelessness spike.

Nothing Miraculous about Biden’s ‘Miraculous Program’

The USICH release explains Biden’s counter-homelessness “plan” entitled “All In” would be grander than “any previous federal effort” on the matter.

It would also fight “systemic racism,” a trademark phrase of the Marxist-Communist woke that has gripped the Biden administration.

Empty Shelves Joe’s quotes in the release claim his plan would not only save people from homelessness, but would also help them “thrive” and “improve equality.”

The announcement urges local and state administrations to use Biden’s plan as a “blueprint” for their own plans. The HotAir report finds nothing new or ingenious in the supposedly “miraculous program” put forth by Joe Biden.

The “Biden-Harris” measures provide for building more housing venues for the homeless, while also offering support services and boosting coordination across various government bodies.

The report concludes states and cities all over the country have been implementing these same policies and measures for a long time. Yet, while they may have helped some people escape or avoid homelessness, there have been no noticeable declines in homelessness rates. 

According to HotAir, the only radical plan on homelessness to have emerged lately is a proposal by New York City to begin forcefully locking up mentally ill people living on the streets. 

However, the plan is already facing lawsuits. NYC authorities likely wouldn’t be allowed to go through with it.

At the same time, it seems like Biden’s much celebrated “plan” would hardly do anything significant to combat homelessness nationwide, not to mention he is falsely taking credit for earlier efforts. 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.