Biden Confesses Midterm Results Could be Illegitimate

After election night, when millions of mail-in ballots were counted in Democrat-controlled cities, the mainstream media didn’t report on any alleged voter fraud.

They instead labeled any report of voter fraud as an alt-right conspiracy.

Democrats paraded the idea that election fraud cannot occur in the United States, even though when Trump became president, they were adamant on the false fact that Russia sabotaged the United States’ election.

Well, now in Biden’s latest press conference, he has officially admitted the midterms in 2022 can be altered.

More Details on the Story

Biden made the comments that the midterm elections can be altered after a reporter asked him if it was possible if the results would be fair if voting rights laws weren’t passed.

Biden would go on to up the ante. He went on to say that the results of the midterms could be illegitimate if election laws aren’t passed. The Republican election laws that Biden is adamant about overturning are several voting I.D. laws that have been issued in several states, the biggest one being Georgia.

So, essentially Democrats, along with Biden, are claiming that the Republicans wanting voters to use I.D. when voting is racist and a form of voter suppression; when in reality, it’s a way to keep elections secure and what almost every other nation around the world requires for someone to vote.

Go to a country outside of the United States and try to vote; the first thing they’ll ask for is your I.D.

Biden Predicts Vladimir Putin Will Invade Ukraine

In the very same address, Biden shockingly stated he believes that Russia will invade Ukraine in the very near future.

Biden would go on to say that if Russia invades Ukraine, then they will have extreme consequences, but did not give any details on what those consequences would be.

Putin, in recent weeks, has made himself clear that if Ukraine joins NATO, then it will be seen as an act which would create a security issue with Russia.

To be honest, a large-scale war such as World War III could happen very simply, as soon as Putin has taken over Ukraine.

In the early days of Hitler’s reign, the world watched as Hitler took over Poland, which ultimately led to WWII.

Biden also falsely claimed that a nuclear power like Russia has not taken over a country since WWII, but in 2014, under Obama’s watch, Russia annexed Crimea, a Ukraine territory. Meanwhile, the United States and the world did nothing at all, but watch.

If Russia was to take over Ukraine, then China would soon follow an attack on Taiwan. This would change the world forever and more than likely, the draft would be put back into use.