Biden Coughs Into His Hand, Shakes People’s Hands Immediately Afterwards

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the far left has enforced extreme measures when it comes to attempting to stop the spread of COVID-19; however time after time, we realize Democrats don’t play by the rules they make.

A video recently caught Biden three days ago coughing on his hand and (immediately after) starting to shake other people’s hands.

Take a look:

Biden literally coughed on his hand and didn’t even hesitate to touch another person. You would think if the pandemic is so severe, a staffer would’ve offered Biden some hand gel or maybe Biden himself would know not to touch people.

However, Biden’s actions show his true position on COVID-19. That position proves the protective measures being put in place by the Biden administration are to control people, not stop a virus.

Did you notice how Biden was the only person without a mask on in the video? Both of his Secret Service agents had to don a mask, but when it comes to Biden, he’s above the rules he makes.

Psaki Tests Positive for COVID-19

Biden’s lackadaisical sanitary measures could be the reason why his press secretary, Jen Psaki, has just tested positive for COVID-19. Yes, the White House press secretary (who has been pushing people to get vaccinated) contracted COVID-19, despite being completely vaccinated.

Reuters reported Psaki tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday and was previously quarantined. Psaki first started to feel mild symptoms and shortly after, she tested positive.

The Hypocrisy Isn’t Just in the Biden Administration

During the G-20 summit (which consisted of world leaders practically just taking photo-ops for the weekend), many leaders were exposed. Prime Minister of the U.K., Boris Johnson, and other leaders were taking a photo with their masks on.

Yet, when the camera turned off, check out what happened:

Did you see how quickly they ripped those masks off? They took those masks off with lightning speed, but when it comes to citizens of their countries, these leaders want them to keep masks on for as long as possible.

The embarrassment doesn’t stop there, though. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel was also caught breaking her own rules. Cameras caught Merkel putting on a mask as she exited her car. Then, when she went got close to Italy’s Prime Minister, she took off the mask.

Just watch:

Merkel would’ve been better off not even wearing a mask. Besides talking about climate change and global warming, the G-20 summit offered no solutions to real-world problems.

Countries like Myanmar (whose Democrat elected leaders were sent to prison and taken over by a ruthless military) weren’t mentioned. Afghanistan wasn’t a major topic of discussion either, which goes to show these meetings are just big photo-op events.