Biden Curses Fox News Reporter and Then Calls Him Later

Biden, at his latest press conference, lost his temper and ended up hurling insults towards Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

It started when Biden ended his press conference without taking any questions. Doocy, who is one who never backs down from a challenge, decided to ask Biden a question about the ongoing inflation.

To this end, Biden, unaware his mic was still on, muttered under his breath, ”you stupid son of a b&!*%.”

Biden felt a bit guilty after hurling the insults and ended up calling Peter Doocy later on the phone that day.

Biden told Doocy his comments were not personal attacks. Doocy later told Sean Hannity that Biden talked to him for several minutes afterward.

Doocy would go on to tell Biden that he’s not in the White House press room to ask softball questions, but rather ask the questions nobody will ask, to which Biden replied, “you’ve got to as a reporter.”

Biden Has Been Snapping at Reporters All Week

Old Joe has been cranky all week.

Reporters have been his main outlet to lay out those frustrations. Just last week, Biden verbally insulted another Fox News reporter at a White House briefing.

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden, “Why are you waiting for Vladimir Putin to make the first move in Ukraine?” Biden then quickly shot back, “that’s a stupid question.”

Biden must have forgotten when he was inaugurated, he stated if any of his staffers disrespected each other, then he would fire the person who was acting out of order. Apparently, you can disrespect a Fox News reporter, though, because he has done it twice in the past week.

Flashback to the Campaign Trail

Biden hasn’t just gotten into a heated discussion with members of the press, but he has also gotten loud with everyday citizens who question him. On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden hashed it out with a factory worker in Detroit, Michigan.

When Biden visited an auto plant in Detriot in March 2020, he wasn’t met with supporters in awe, but rather he was met with a group of men who were concerned about their Second Amendment rights.

One worker asked Biden why he’s trying to take Americans’ Second Amendment rights away, but Biden was feeling frank and responded by saying, “you’re full of s***.”

The conversation didn’t end there, though. Biden continued by saying nobody needs 100 rounds. The worker then responded by saying, “you’re going to ban guns,” to which Biden respond by calling the man a “horse a**.”

The worker was offended at that point and said, “you work for me.” Biden angrily responded by saying, “no I don’t,” which goes to show Biden doesn’t want to work for the American people.

He wants to work for big tech, pharmaceutical companies, and other large corporations.