Biden Declares Ban on Ghost Guns

To combat the development of untraceable firearms, Biden imposed a ban on unauthorized kits that allow anyone to build so-called ghost firearms on Monday.

The move is part of his ongoing efforts to combat the spread of untraceable firearms.

“Buy construct shoot” kits, which may be purchased online or in a store without the need for a background check, are among the items prohibited by the new regulations.

According to senior officials, the kit can be assembled into a functional rifle in as little as half an hour.

Such kits are classified as “firearms” underneath the Gun Control Act, according to the government order.

Therefore, commercial producers of them must apply for a license, including the registration number on the products they sell, and undergo a background check before making a sale.

Assistant AG Lisa Monaco and Vice President Harris will join Biden on Monday in announcing these new initiatives to combat gun crime.

According to ATF authorities, over 19,000 ghost firearms were seized by ATF agents in 2021, representing a tenfold increase from 2016.

More Details on the Ban

Ghost guns of any kind, independent of how they have been constructed (including 3D printed models and kits), are subject to regulation.

The Department of Justice will require federally licensed firearms merchants to transfer any unserialized firearms into inventory in order to serialize them, as mandated by federal law.

The directive expands on the executive orders issued by Biden in June.

These orders sought to prevent the spread of undetectable ghost weapons while also controlling stabilizing braces on firearms and assisting states in enacting red flag laws.

In addition, the rule announced on Monday would revise the regulatory definitions of “frame” and “receiver” to guarantee guns with split barrels are subject to regulations requiring registration numbers and thorough background checks when sold or transferred.

ATF Data

According to ATF data, almost 1,300 firearms each year are undetectable because dealers erased records that were more than 20 years old.

As a result, federally licensed firearms dealers must preserve records until they shut down their operations or licensed activity.

The president will call on lawmakers to approve legislation that would prohibit the sale and ownership of unserialized firearms, such as ghost guns, in the United States.

Furthermore, he will call on Congress to pass legislation requiring background checks for gun transactions, ensuring no terrorist may get a firearm, banning firearms and high-capacity magazines, and repealing the immunity afforded to gun manufacturers.

Biden’s end game isn’t just to ban ghost guns, but ultimately all guns.

Democrats will fight to destroy 2nd Amendment rights to “save lives,” but are the same lawmakers who celebrate when the unborn are killed at the hand of their own policies.