Biden Declares All Veteran Affairs Medical Employees Must Be Vaccinated

It appears Biden is taking a page out of French President Emmanuel Macron’s playbook. In a press conference today, Biden declared that all Veteran Affairs medical employees must be vaccinated.

The Veteran Affairs Department will become the first federal department where COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory.

According to the New York Times, the Department of Veteran Affairs will share this information with 115,000 health care staff that are employed under the Veteran Affairs. As of right, the V.A. is one of the largest federal employers in the country.

Many believe the move will now give the Biden administration the green light to start enforcing more mandates in other sectors of the federal government.

V.A. employees have up to eight weeks to comply to the new mandate or else they will face consequences.

The V.A. Mandates are Reflecting France’s New Mandates Regarding Vaccinations

President Emmanuel Macron of France is flexing his muscles and is mandating COVID-19 vaccines for all medical workers in France. That’s not all, though.

He has also made a new mandate that requires all people entering cafes, bars, shopping malls, venues, hospitals, and trains to show proof of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

If residents of France are not vaccinated, then they’re not allowed to enter these establishments; if they do, then they’re subject to large fines or imprisonments.

France citizens aren’t big fans of the mandates, considering their freedoms are being ripped from them every second President Macron is in power. Thousands of citizens have protested Macron’s authoritarian rules in the last month and had massive demonstrations all across France.

Flashback to the G7 Meeting

During the G7 meeting last month, Macron stated that Biden is “part of the club” and stated that America is back. Biden was also very friendly towards Macron; the two of them were seen laughing, hugging, and praising each other constantly during the G7 summit.

Biden was also quoted as saying that he appreciates France’s leadership during the pandemic; he also praised the country for its actions toward climate change.

Biden and Macron’s relationship should be a red flag. It appears the Biden administration is starting to look awfully similar to the French government and is beginning to issue mandates regarding COVID vaccines.

Some States are Already Mandating Vaccine

Just one day before Biden announced that the V.A. would be mandating COVID-19 vaccines, the states of New York and California already mandated vaccines for all government workers for the state. If government workers refuse to get vaccinated then they will be suspended without pay.

Unlike France there aren’t mass protests over forced vaccine mandates in New York and California. It’s almost as if citizens in America are sleeping and have completely bowed down to Democrat authoritarian leadership.