Biden Declares Handguns Need To Be Banned

Joe Biden recently attended CNN’s Town Hall meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio to answer various questions. As always, Biden was all over the place and he produced plenty of gaffes too. On a serious note, though, Biden was asked a question about how his administration will address gun violence…and his response was very alarming.

Biden stated that 9mm and pistols that fire multiple rounds are totally unnecessary to own. Usually, Biden has been very outspoken on his stance on assault rifles like AR-15s, but he has been quieter on his stance about handguns, such as 9mms and pistols.

Biden went on to boast about his track record in the Senate where he helped pass legislation that temporarily banned assault rifles. He concluded by answering the question, stating his administration is aiming to ban the sale of guns that could shoot 20, 30, 40, 50, and 120 rounds from being sold at gun stores across the country.

More On Biden’s Town Hall

That wasn’t the only eyebrow-raising moment of Biden’s Town Hall in Ohio. At one point in the meeting, CNN host Don Lemon asked Biden about how Republicans and Democrats will get together and investigate the January 6th riots.

Biden responded by saying people may believe he’s “Satan Reincarnated,” but you can’t look at TV and say that there wasn’t anything that happened on the 6th of January. Soon after comparing himself to the devil, Biden then started to ramble and even became uncomprehensible.

Biden’s Stances on Guns During His Years in the Senate

Biden’s 1994 crime bill didn’t just lead to mass incarceration all across the states, but it also banned semi-automatic guns. His bill, though, had a sunset provision that ultimately made the ban on semi-automatic guns be lifted. Ever since then, the Democrats have fallen short to pass another bill that bans semi-automatic guns.

Biden also was one of the main figures behind the 1993 Brady Bill which made background checks necessary for most gun purchases. That’s why Vice President Biden was put in charge by Obama to rally the Senate into passing more background checks laws on guns after the Sandy Hook shooting. However, Biden’s attempt to encourage the Senate to end the filibuster and pass gun legislation fell short.

Biden’s Sinister Plan to Replace All Firearms With Smart Guns

Biden’s 2020 campaign website had a list of campaign goals that he would like to accomplish before 2024; one of those goals is to replace all firearms in America with “smart guns”.

Smart guns are high-tech firearms that have biometrical or mechanical features; they als allow only the original gun owners to fire the weapon and nobody else. Gun reviewers that have observed smart guns say they can be easily hacked with magnets at times.

In our world, we have smart technology all around us: smart cars, smartphones, smart home automation systems, and more. The last thing we need is smart guns that can more than likely be turned off at any time by the government.