Biden Delays Release of JFK Assassination Files, Due to COVID-19

Biden recently signed a memo that will postpone the public release of all JFK assassination records. In the memo, Biden used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse not to release the files.

Biden also noted in the memo that postponement of the release of the JFK files are needed in order to protect any identifiable harm against the CIA, military defense, law enforcement and others.

President John F. Kennedy’s assassination files must be released at some point, because in 1992, Congress decided all files related to the assassination of JFK must be released publicly.

It’s expected the assassination files will be released later. According to the New York Post, the ‘sensitive’ records will be released in December of 2022.

There’s A Lot of Theories About Kennedy’s Death

There are a lot of theories that have floated around about Kennedy’s death, theories which contradict the initial report by the FBI. The Warren Commission (the investigation launched by President Johnson and led by the FBI and CIA) concluded Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.

However there are many details that oppose this claim. One of those theories is the grassy knoll theory. That’s the theory explaining how multiple witnesses heard gunshots coming from a grassy knoll at the ground level in Dealey Plaza.

Another theory, called the magic bullet theory, explains how the second bullet that was fired ripped through Kennedy and entered into Gov. Connally. The magic bullet theory explains how the trajectory of the second bullet to be able to go through Kennedy and enter into Connally (without being deformed) is quite improbable.

Other strange facts behind the Kennedy assassination are this: close to 10 witnesses who last saw Lee Harvey Oswald (and Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby) all died within a three year time span. Therefore, they were never able to give their expert testimony to Congress.

Kennedy Died Just One Year After He Turned Down Operation Northwoods

A year before Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense created a plan called Operation Northwoods. This involved the CIA and the US military committing false flag events in the United States to justify a war with Cuba.

Some of those false flags included attacking military bases, attacking civilians, hijacking planes, and causing planes to be shot down, along with many more terroristic activities. When the the Department of Defense told Kennedy about the operation, he immediately rejected it. Close to one year later, he was assassinated.

To this day, many people can’t accept the idea Oswald acted alone. Some of the co-conspirators people believe helped infiltrate the attack are the Mafia, CIA, KGB, Fidel Castro, and the list goes on.

Maybe in the new dump of files, we will finally get answer of what really happed to JFK.