Biden Did It Again! Thousands of Classified Documents Ended in the Wrong Hands!

A large number of boxes filled with documents, which should not have been in his possession in the first place, were donated by President Joe Biden to the University of Delaware. This happened at the time he was serving as vice president during the Obama era.

Usually, that wouldn’t make the news on its own. Presidents often donate a lot of stuff to universities for the purpose of research. However, in this case, it seems that some of those documents may have contained classified information.

Yep, that’s right, Joe Biden did it again!

The documents in question were transferred to the university by Eric Schwerin, who was a business partner of Biden’s son, Hunter, and who did the finances for the family, as revealed in many leaked emails from Hunter’s laptop saga.

The boxes filled with documents were supposed to be moved to university in 2010, however, that didn’t happen until two years later.

The University of Delaware Remains Silent

Naturally, you might think some of the classified documents found their place in the boxes by accident; after all, one can get confused pretty easily working with thousands of papers…

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Joe was well aware the documents he decided to “donate” were classified and not his personal property.

Just before the boxes were shipped to Delaware, Biden’s deputy counsel, Katherine Oyama, sent an email to Schwerin, warning that some of the documents included papers from the 2009 Bush-Obama presidential transition and may not be owned by the vice president.

Schwerin forwarded the email to Hunter and attorney Melvyn Monzack. As you can imagine, it seems nothing has been done on the matter; none of the emails leaked show that Joe or Hunter found this issue to be a serious national risk concern.

The boxes arrived at university in more than 30 pallets and the story seemingly ended there.

Biden is bad at keeping documents in place

That was until it was discovered that Biden kept classified documents in his garage…

Apart from the documents we’ve been hearing about in the past couple of weeks, there has been growing pressure on the DOJ and the FBI to examine the 1,850 boxes of Senate records to determine if there are any classified documents.

Biden clearly has a bad habit of misplacing stuff all over the country. White House ethics chief from the Bush administration, Richard Painter, believes the boxes indeed could contain classified information.

Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson have called for transparency about who had access to the documents and whether Hunter Biden or his business partners were among those who had access.

The White House and University of Delaware remain silent regarding the accusations, which only increased suspicion. This, once again, sparked interest in the alleged sexual harassment story of Joe Biden from the era when he worked as a senator in Delaware.

Just to refresh your memory, during the 2020 presidential election, Tara Reade accused Biden of sexually harassing her while he was a Delaware senator.

The Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch sued the University of Delaware, seeking access to the documents in order to look for proof of Reade’s accusation, which may be somewhere in the files Biden donated years ago.