Biden Doubts His Own Reelection Prospects as He Backtracks on 2024 Run Vow

(CBS TV snapshot)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden made surprising comments in which he unexpectedly began backtracking on his previously ironclad vow to run for reelection.

This development comes against the backdrop of his falling ratings, growing concerns over his cognitive abilities and fitness for office, and the lingering numerous crises he managed to get America into during his first 20 months since taking office.

Far Cry From His Previous ‘I Am Running in 2024’ Vow

Sleepy Joe spoke in a TV interview on CBS show “60 Minutes, which was aired on Sunday. He tried to dispel fears about the sky-high inflation and his physical and mental health.

Up until this interview, since February 2021, Biden, who is turning 80 in November, has been pledging to seek reelection in 2024.

This time, he took a step back on those pledges, leaving the door open for a face-saving exit for himself, should an increasingly uneasy Democrat Party establishment decide to snub his candidacy.

Biden told interviewer Scott Pelley if he were to announce he is running again, a “whole range of things” – apparently campaign regulations – “come into play.” Sleepy Joe argued it was “much too early” to make such a “decision,” as far as “election laws” are concerned.

To make his backtracking on his promise to run for reelection, Biden declared himself to be a “great respecter of fate.”

Once the election cycle of the 2022 midterms is over, “going into next year,” Biden will be making “a judgment” on whether to run for president once again.

(CBS TV snapshot)

It’s Just a ‘Really Difficult Inflection Point’

As Pelley wondered whether Sleepy Joe already made any decision in his own head, Biden insisted he does intend to run. At the same time, he made his clarification sound bizarre by contrasting his certain “intention” with a “firm decision,” which he hasn’t made yet.

Biden did note, though, that he hopes Democrats will be able to keep their majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives

Biden also offered his explanation as to why believes his approval ratings have been sliding even though he has recently scored some “legislative successes.”

“[It’s] a really difficult time,” Empty Shelves Joe quipped as he insisted the US reached an “inflection point” in its history.

He further dwelled on how today’s decisions would determine what America looks like in ten years, on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact there is a “great deal of uncertainty.”

Although Biden did not care to elaborate on how much of that uncertainty was due to his own policies or the actions of his far-left administration.

When asked about his fitness for doing the job of president, Biden replied with a brief, “Watch me!” and dared anyone to try his busy schedule.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.