Biden Erases 400 Years of History in Single New Gaffe

(TV snapshot from C-Span)

Joe Biden made a big-time gaffe on the world political stage, erasing 400 years of history and the globally known neutrality of Switzerland.

However, Biden managed to catch his own blunder and tried to recover from it with a dull, self-irony joke.

Gaffe Machine Strikes Again on the World Stage

Biden already made gaffes that could have led directly to world and/or nuclear wars between America and Russia or between America and China – if the other sides took him seriously.

Most famously, in April, during a visit to Poland, Biden called for removing Putin from power, while also mistakenly hinting US troops could go fight the Russians in Ukraine.

Besides that, on more than one occasion, he has declared the United States is certain to go to war with China over Taiwan.

In both cases, Biden’s White House staff hastily retracted and duly “clarified” his respective comments to prevent an outrageous reaction from Russia or China in an already tense global political and military environment.

Biden’s latest world diplomacy gaffe occurred against the backdrop of a new expansion of the US-led NATO alliance, following Putin’s genocidal war against Ukraine.

New key European nations – Finland and Sweden – have now opted to become formal US allies in NATO.

Pathetic Self-Rectifying Joke

Joe Biden’s new gaffe came on Thursday when he was speaking at a NATO summit in Spain.

Kabul Joe was welcoming Sweden and Finland as soon-to-be formal members of the NATO alliance and official US military allies. This is when he mistook Sweden for Switzerland.

Biden’s gaffe practically erased some 400 years of history, through which Switzerland, lying in the Alps in the heart of Europe, has been neutral and abstaining from intervening in any international conflicts.

The tiny but rich European nation has been neutral since the Treat of Westphalia in 1648. Even though its neutrality was broken by France during the Napoleonic Wars (1798-1815), it was reaffirmed in 1815.

In his speech at the NATO summit, Biden, as cited by The Daily Mail, was discussing a call with the leader of Sweden – except he said “the leader of Switzerland.”

In all fairness, he caught his own blunder and corrected himself to “Sweden.” Although Biden could not even manage to do this without making a pathetic-sounding self-irony joke.

“Switzerland, my goodness!” Sleepy Joe exclaimed, adding that he may be “getting really anxious about expanding NATO.”

His self-correction is certain to be used amply by Russian propaganda.

This is because the Putin dictatorship has been exploding with all kinds of lies over how its motherland is in mortal danger of being invaded by the NATO alliance.

The regime has also been using those lies as a justification and pretext for Putin’s miserable, bloody attempt to conquer Ukraine.