Biden FAKED Getting COVID-19 Booster Shot at the White House

A week ago, Twitter users noticed something was off about the backdrop of Biden’s third booster shot live telecast. Their speculations were right because a photo was just released.

This photo depicts Biden not in the White House like he wanted people to think but rather, he was on a set that was built to look like the White House.

Here’s the photo:

The set was aimed to mimic the White House; however, many people are asking why they even created a set at the White House if Biden is supposed to live at the White House already.

Here is the original video released:

Social media users were able to spot the phony setup by watching the leaves in the window; they thought it was odd the leaves never moved. A lot of people believe the scene wasn’t the only thing that was fake.

Users on Twitter also noticed Biden never even flinched when he got the shot; this made many people suspect the needle was just a prop.

Has Biden Used Sets Any Other Time?

Earlier in the year, several experts in the field of photography noticed something was strange about many photos of Biden in the Oval Office. The claims from the photography experts were the windows were too darkened and the wallpaper was different.

Reuters, however, claims Biden was in the Oval Office, but didn’t deny the fact there is a movie set of the Oval Office. This latest stunt pulled by Biden makes the former claims come back to life; it’s very clear now that Biden has used a movie set but now, the question is how many times?

Jen Psaki, the Biden administration’s press secretary, went on to suggest that life at the White House is like an episode on a TV show. When a reporter asked Psaki what the TV show would be called, she replied “West Wing.”

It’s a Lot Easier to Make Fake Videos

The internet has made it a lot harder for the mainstream media to spread propaganda and lies, but they are still trying their best to lead the people astray. The technology that exists in Hollywood is slowly making its way to Washington.

Biden has just been using a backdrop for now; yet, as his mental state continues to decline, he will probably start using technology that directors in the film and music industry are using.

Take a look at this video below that shows just how far the technology has come:

If the music industry is using this technology right now, just wait until the military starts constantly using it to start proxy wars in the Middle East. There is no telling what Biden will try to do next with this technology.