Biden Family Business Revelations Coming – and They Will Be Huge

“Huge” and probably scandalous revelations into the highly suspicious foreign business dealings of the entire Biden cohort are coming on Wednesday, May 10, one of the top-ranking House Republicans has promised.

More Scandalous Revelations Coming

At least some outrageous revelations into the foreign business affairs of the Bidens have been around for a while, thanks to the “laptop from hell” that Sleepy Joe’s esteemed offspring Hunter abandoned in a computer shop in Delaware.

There have also been leaks of documents from the FBI obtained by the office of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, among others.

All of those indicate a high possibility of political corruption, in which the Bidens have been selling Joe’s influence in exchange for communist and post-communist cash. Naturally, this comes to the detriment of the American people.

Yet, the picture has been far from complete. Republicans in the House of Representatives, therefore, set out on a course of uncovering the whole truth.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend, Rep. James Comer, the GOP chief of the powerful House Oversight Committee, vowed that Wednesday would be a “very big day.”

The Bidens’ Pay-to-Play Scheme

Comer made it clear he would announce findings about the financial transactions of the Biden family members, thanks to his recent congressional subpoenas, Red State reported.

The Kentucky Republican is also expected to share information provided by a whistleblower from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who claims the Biden Justice Department – oh, what a surprise! – mishandled a probe into Hunter Biden’s taxes.

In his comments, Comer warned the DOJ might want to shield Hunter Biden by slapping him with minor charges under a tax and gun ownership probe, while saving him from much bigger charges.

The House Oversight Committee chairman urged the Justice Department not to indict the president’s son before House Republicans drop the big evidence against the Bidens on Wednesday.

Comer told Fox News the upcoming revelations refer to the “entire Biden family,” not just Hunter. He clearly was mentioning the family’s influence peddling, implicating them in a huge “bribery” scheme of the “pay to play” kind.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.