Biden Floods Republican Districts with Illegal Immigrants

President Joe “No Border” Biden and his puppet masters seem to be making some “great” use of the millions of illegal immigrants whom they goaded into invading America – namely, utilizing them to literally flood Republican-run congressional districts.

Biden Weaponizes Illegal Migrants Against Republicans

Well over six million migrants have invaded the United States through the southern border. The migrant border crisis is expected to become even more abysmal now that the end of Title 42 is here.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems to have weaponized illegal aliens against the Republican Party. The biggest number of migrants released in the US interior have ended up in GOP-run communities, The Gateway Pundit reports.

According to a study by the conservative Heritage Foundation, of the 52 congressional districts nationwide with the highest density of illegal migrants, 71% turned out to be Republican districts.

The data was compiled by tracking the movement of border jumpers awaiting court hearings for their asylum applications – from the “NGO launching point” to any destinations throughout the United States.

Thus, the Heritage Foundation found that Texas and Oklahoma, two Republican-led states, contained the highest consistency of illegal migrants’ devices.

‘Not Vetted’ and Going to GOP Communities

The report emphasizes that migrants allowed to invade America “are not vetted.” The bulk of them get released into US communities by the Biden regime, which colludes with nonprofits that it is funding with taxpayer money.

Heritage informs that it analyzed the movement of migrants from “anonymized mobile devices” detected in facilities run by more than 30 NGOs close to or at the US-Mexico border.

In January 2022, the Heritage Foundation traced the smartphones of about 30,000 illegal immigrants, showing more than two-thirds of them ended up in communities governed by the Republican Party.

While Democrats clearly hope to turn migrants into loyal Democratic voters in the future, apparently they are utilizing their human trafficking victims by shamelessly weaponizing them against American patriots and conservatives.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.