Biden Forces Horrors on Schools in New Pro-LGBT Crackdown

The Biden administration embarked on a fresh crusade to crush this nation’s patriotic, Christian, and pro-family sentiments. It is forcing school districts to accept pornographic materials, apparently in service of the radical pro-LGBT agenda.

They’ve Weaponized Civil Rights

Biden’s Education Department is now trying to force a Georgia school district to show pornographic materials to innocent kids. This is seemingly part of its efforts to promote the plague of transgenderism and the wider LGBT and gender ideology.

The DOE resorted to weaponizing its Office of Civil Rights (OCR) against the parents in Forsyth County, The Federalist reports.

In a letter the OCR sent to Jeff Bearden, the superintendent of the Forsyth County School District, on May 19, the federal Education Department is attacking the authority’s decision to remove a few books with pornographic content from bookshelves.

Federal Transgenderists’ Bully Tactics

The DOE demands the district come up with “supportive measures” for any students “impacted” by the removal of the books – apparently referring to LGBT and transgender students.

It also insisted on a “survey” to study the student body climate to identify extra steps in that regard. The letter was based on claims by an anonymous person that the school district “created a hospital environment” because of the demands of the parents.

The OCR informs it is investigating Georgia’s Forsyth school district for creating hostility against students based on the latter’s identity and sexual orientation.

The report quotes Cindy Martin, a mother from the district, who declares the Education Department’s encroachment wasn’t about books. Instead, she insists the feds are using “bully tactics” to “indoctrinate” the local children into LGBTQ ideology.

The parents in the district took action in 2021, after they found several books with sexually explicit content had been made available to their children. While the parents have won the first battle, the transgenderists don’t seem to be giving up.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.