Biden Gets Scolded by France’s Macron for Touting Putin Nuclear Armageddon Risk

(Social media video snapshot shows Biden and Macron together back in June 2022)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has been rebuked by France’s President Emmanuel Macron for his recent warning that Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator, Vladimir Putin, could set off a nuclear “Armageddon.”

A number of other critics also saw Biden’s message as way too alarmist.

Biden Too Alarmist?

Earlier this week, Biden warned a nuclear war started by Putin, whose war in Ukraine is rapidly becoming an unmitigated catastrophe for Moscow, is highly likely.

Biden is certainly not wrong in principle, as anything could be expected from the atrocious Russian tyrant.

As for Putin’s regular Russian military, mercenaries and proxies are getting pummeled by plucky Ukrainian defenders. The entire Russian war effort could collapse. As such, there are two main scenarios in which Putin could use nuclear weapons.

The first, or, rather, the second, is an all-out attack against the West, a total nuclear war that could so much as destroy humanity and the planet.

The more immediate and far more likely option is for Russia’s Putin dictatorship to detonate one or several nukes against Ukraine to try to reverse the course of the war.

It is the latter scenario that could escalate into the former, simply because a major use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine would bring the United States and its NATO allies into the war.

Two former top-ranking US commanders – Gen. Ben Hodges and Gen. David Petreus – warned the US and NATO are going to destroy the Russian military Navy “anywhere they see them” in the event of Russian nuclear attacks against Ukraine.

(Social media video snapshot of 70-year-old Putin)

Biden Chastised By Other Western Leaders

Sleepy Joe got seriously scolded by French leader Emmanuel Macron for causing “political friction” with the warning of a possible nuclear Armageddon caused by Putin.

It is fair to remind that Macron has been fooled and publicly humiliated by Putin several times, particularly in the weeks before the invasion of Ukraine. The French president tried to reason with the Moscow dictator.

It is also worth noting France has been one of the most pro-Russian, western nations, calling for some kind of a compromise solution to allow Putin to “save face,” even as the French also supplied Ukrainians with high-quality howitzers and other defensive weapons.

Nevertheless, Macron’s comments are seen as an expression of concerns caused by the scary picture painted by Sleepy Joe earlier this week. Finland’s generally anti-Russian leader Sanna Marin also criticized Biden.

In his remarks on Biden’s statement that the world faces a nuclear Armageddon, Macron declared the nuclear threat must be spoken about “with prudence,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

Speaking at a European Union summit in Prague, Czechia, Macron added he preferred not to “engage in political friction” on nukes and it is an issue to be “very careful” about.

Also at the EU summit, the Prime Minister of Finland, which is about to become an official member of the US-led NATO alliance, also seemed to criticize Biden. She focused on the part of his comments in which he stated Putin was in need of an “off-ramp.”

Marin declared she was “trying to figure out” what would be an “off-ramp” for Putin that Biden mentioned. She insisted the way out of the Russia – Ukraine war is for the former to leave the latter’s territory.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.